Cleanrooms have long played a vital role in research and development efforts across a range of industries. Aerospace, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and many others rely on cleanrooms to maintain sterile, stable conditions while manufacturing experimental products and conducting initial product research.

While research and development facilities often prioritize cleanrooms for product safety and viability, cleanroom facility services also benefit workers. Certain industries like those involved in drug or chemical production require workers to handle risky or even toxic material. Protective cleanroom garments and stable internal conditions lower the risks of personnel being exposed to these harmful substances.

Understanding the benefits of cleanrooms to your business’s research and development efforts can help you assess whether you may benefit from the integration of a cleanroom into your operations.

At Prudential Cleanroom Services a division of Prudential Overall Supply, we have years of experience helping research and development efforts across numerous industries, including those that require cleanrooms to minimize contamination and ensure product quality.

We provide industry-leading cleanroom apparel to standardize personnel impact on the cleanroom’s internal conditions. We also produce powerful, reusable cleaning products and equipment to help keep your cleanrooms in the best state possible.

Interested in taking your research and development efforts to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how our cleanroom products and services can help.

Cleanrooms for Research and Development Infographic