Are Your Employees in Need of Flame Resistant Uniforms?

If you run a business that has inherent safety risks associated with it, you need to outfit your workers with uniforms that minimize that risk and do the utmost to keep them safe. Whether it’s hard hats for construction workers or flame-resistant uniforms for welders and electrical workers, outfitting your staff with the appropriate uniforms and safety equipment is vital to employee happiness and comfort, as well as your brand reputation and trustworthiness.

What Is Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame- or fire-resistant clothing is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect an individual from the effects of open flames, fires, or extremely high temperatures. Many uniforms seen worn by firemen, electricians, and chemical industry  workers are flame-resistant, meaning they withstand the effects of fire while protecting the person wearing them from injury.

In many industries, fire-resistant uniforms aren’t just recommended, they are required to be worn by certain workers. Learning how fire safety affects your business and whether you may need fire-resistant uniforms can help you stay on the right side of the law while also ensuring your workers feel comfortable and secure in their jobs.

How Does Flame-Resistant Clothing Work?

Most fire-resistant clothing is made from fabric or material designed to resist heat. Examples of these materials include Kevlar, Modacrylic, and Nomex. Natural materials like cotton can also be treated with special chemicals to enhance their existing fire-resistant properties.

Materials that are classified as fire-resistant won’t melt when exposed to heat or flames, won’t transfer the heat to the wearer’s body, and won’t continue burning once the source of the fire is taken away.

The Hazards of Working with Flames and Fire

Fires can cause immense damage to people and property alike. Without the appropriate protection, a fire can result in painful, life-changing injuries and irreversible damage to a worker’s health. Fourth-degree burns, scarring, infections, disfigurement, and loss of mobility are just some of the consequences of being exposed to fire or flames without any sort of protection.

If your business places employees in positions where they may be harmed by fire, you must supply them with the right flame-resistant uniform to reduce that risk.

Who Needs Fire-Resistant Workwear?

Many industries across the board make use of flame-resistant clothing. This includes jobs related to oil and gas, utilities like electricians, welders, mechanics, and workers within the power industry. You may even see flame-resistant clothing in the hospitality industry should workers come into regular contact with objects or equipment that produce or make use of fire.

Types of Fire-Resistant Clothing and Uniforms

At Prudential Overall Supply, we offer a range of fire-resistant uniforms to suit many professions. Using Nomex, we’ve created flame-resistant button-up shirts and work pants, as well as flame-resistant cotton jackets, men’s denim jeans, and coveralls.

As a business owner, it is important to note that fire-resistant clothing is not fireproof. Under the right conditions, even the best-quality flame-resistant clothes could catch fire. They may not burn or melt onto the wearer’s body, but even catching fire for a short period of time can cause serious injuries.

When wearing fire-resistant clothing, it’s important to remind workers that combining their flame-resistant workwear with flammable synthetic underwear, shirts, or accessories can quickly counteract any benefits you could expect from wearing a fire-resistant uniform.

This needs to be done to ensure employees work and act responsibly around hazards, even though they are more protected against the effects of these hazards through their uniforms.

Keep Cool and Comfortable with Prudential Overall Supply

One of the biggest requirements to maintain the integrity of your fire-resistant clothing is to have it properly laundered. Luckily, Prudential offers an off-site uniform laundering service so you won’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining your new workwear.

To sign up for a uniform rental program that includes flame-resistant uniforms, talk with a representative at Prudential Uniforms. You will be able to get the uniform options that will help your company meet its unique goals. Get started by assessing your current needs and see how you can incorporate new uniforms into your company’s routine.

Are Your Employees in Need of Flame Resistant Uniforms?