The Benefits of the Clean Green Movement

When you purchase uniforms and supplies, buying them from a green company helps to make a difference. One such company is on a mission toward a greener Earth. The Clean Green Movement that Prudential Overall Supply is a part of strives to reuse, recycle, and use environmentally-sound products. There are many benefits to such a program, including lowering a company’s carbon footprint.

  1. Reusable products are more energy efficient. If you compare reusable towels to disposable paper towels, you’ll use 90% fewer BTUs. This is because it takes a lot of power to manufacture disposable products.
  2. You might spend more up front, but, over time, you spend a lot less by using reusable supplies. If you switch from paper towels to cloth towels, it will cost 15% less each time you use the cloth towel.
  3. Disposable supplies generate vast amounts of solid waste. If you reuse supplies, you can decrease the amount of waste your company generates each year. This reduces your carbon footprint and saves a lot of trash from ending up in a landfill.
  4. Safe, environmentally-friendly products do not make workers sick or pollute the soil. The green products are not hazardous, and they can be discarded just like regular trash. The reusable products are not flammable; therefore, they do not require special handling or precautions.
  5. The reusable products come with specific safety guidelines that keep workers safe. This health and planning strategy extends guidelines to all workers who work with Prudential Overall Supply products.
  6. Reusing products is cost-effective due to the products being more productive, requiring less storage space, and generating less waste of the products by employees. The one-size-fits-all approach taken with reusable products saves businesses from ordering multiple sizes.
  7. Much of the reusable products last from 30 to more than 100 washes. This means up to three times fewer products end up in a landfill. In addition, using reusable cloth products in place of paper products saves millions of trees each year.
  8. High-capacity washing ensures that Prudential uses less water and energy than their competitors. In addition, each part of the laundering service uses environmentally-safe products.
  9. The Clean Green certification ensures that all products used by a company are safe and reduce waste. This means that most products used are reusable, and that all chemicals used in the laundering service are safe.
  10. The Clean Green Movement helps to make the world a better place by collaborating with other businesses. Their main goal is to have clean water and abundant energy, to reduce the carbon footprint, and to reduce the waste stream.

Choosing to work with a business that is part of the Clean Green Movement means that you’ll have an active part in reducing waste and contaminants. One major change that all businesses can make is to start using reusable products and supplies. This small step makes a large impact on the world and environment, by reducing the amount of waste found in landfills, saving trees, and reducing energy output.

For more information about the Clean Green Movement and working with Prudential, contact us at Prudential Overall Supply.

The Benefits of the Clean Green Movement

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