Leading the Pack in Industrial Uniform Services: The Prudential Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Industrial Uniform Services

As the owner or manager of an industrial business, it is undoubtedly important to you to maintain high levels of safety for your employees. One of the most important aspects of achieving this is providing them with the appropriate uniforms that are durable, practical, and comfortable for work. While some businesses choose to oversee their own uniform design and manufacturing, many efficiency-minded companies prefer opting to work with a uniform company instead.

With the right industrial uniform service by your side, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your team’s identified safety standards and requirements are met.  At Prudential Overall Supply, we’ve spent years developing a comprehensive range of uniform and workplace safety-related products, as well as a business model and philosophy that the customer should come first.

When we first opened our doors for business more than 90 years ago, we did so based on the premise that every industrial company should have access to high-quality, industry-standard uniforms and the services that complement this supply. As far as uniform rental companies go, we lead the pack in sustainability, quality, and customization. This includes taking care of repairs, maintenance, and offering a specialized uniform laundry service to keep employees looking and working their best at all times.

That’s not all. By working with Prudential, you won’t just make your own life as a business leader easier; you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a well-dressed, safe, and cared-for workforce that truly represents your brand.

Prudential’s Comprehensive Uniform Services and Supplies

As part of our full-service uniform supply offering, we provide our customers with the following:

  • Uniform leasing: Lease high-quality industrial uniforms so you don’t have to supply them yourself or require employees to do so on their own dime. In the uniform leasing program, you will be responsible for the maintenance and laundering of the uniforms.
  • Uniform rental: Like leasing, uniform rentals allow you to supply employees with the appropriate attire without the pricey overhead of producing these uniforms yourself. Unlike leasing, joining one of our rental programs means we’ll take care of the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of all the uniforms included in our program.
  • Uniform laundry service: Whether you have your own uniforms, or are leasing uniforms from us and want them professionally cleaned, our laundry service will ensure all employee uniforms are cleaned and cared for to the best of our abilities.
  • Uniform customization: Whether you need PPE or simple button-downs, we can set your uniform apart from the rest with a nearly endless list of customizations. From adding your brand logo to your uniform to providing unique uniforms for non-conventional jobs, we’ve got all your uniform requests covered.

Even better, we invoice and charge for all our services upfront, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or undefined costs.

Benefits of Uniforms for Industrial Businesses

Benefits of Uniforms for Industrial Businesses

As a uniform supply company, we’ve been around the block and know just how valuable the right industrial uniform can be for your business, employees, and brand. Some of the biggest benefits of implementing a uniform in your industrial business include:

  • Worker safety: In industrial settings, safety risks abound. Cuts, burns, and chemical contamination can all affect your employees if they’re not dressed in clothing that aims to minimize these risks. A well-designed industrial uniform will keep them as protected as possible from these hazards, promoting greater employee satisfaction rates and reducing the number of preventable workplace accidents.
  • Regulatory compliance: Many industrial companies are bound to meet national safety requirements, with the right apparel being one of the biggest concerns. By mandating a standardized uniform, you can ensure your company is always compliant with these regulations and standards and avoid fines or legal action for violations.
  • Boost brand reputation and visibility: Uniformed employees come across as more professional and put-together. Supplying employees with the right safety gear also shows customers that you care about their well-being and safety. Both these factors can improve your company’s reputation, while clearly branded uniforms can build awareness and interest in our company too.
  • Encourage employee unity: Uniforms are a great way of allowing employees to feel part of a team. This can improve efficiency, reduce workplace conflict, and do wonders for the atmosphere of your working environment.

Design the Perfect Apparel with Help from Our Expert Team

Not sure what to include in your employees’ industrial uniform ensemble? We’ve got that covered too! Simply get in touch with a member of our experienced team to get relevant advice and help as you design your uniform program, from deciding what type of clothes will work best for your business to choosing the materials that maximize safety and durability. You can also ask about our customization options to incorporate your logo, our uniform laundry service, and how we are leading the Clean Green movement across our products and offerings to better serve our customers and the environment.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of high-quality industrial uniforms? Contact Prudential Overall Supply today.