Safety Uniforms: Your Number One Workwear Priority

Safety Uniforms

When designing or choosing uniforms for your employees, your top priority should be choosing protective workwear that maximizes the safety of your workers and management team. In many industries, safety clothes are vital to protect employees as they go about their workdays. These industries include automotive, construction, and engineering, where workers may encounter much more serious or frequent risks to their health and well-being.

However, no matter what industry your business falls under, there is always an opportunity to optimize your industrial workwear or uniform for safety purposes. Luckily, this can be done in a number of ways. From providing your construction workers with hard hats to ensuring everyone wears long pants to reduce the risk of getting scraped on machinery, easy design choices can make a big difference for your employees.

At Prudential Overall Supply, we specialize in providing businesses across a range of industries with high-quality, customizable safety workwear for their employees. We’ve seen first-hand how safety clothes can benefit workers and their employers. If you’re still not sure whether a safety uniform is necessary for your company, read on to find out.

What Is a Safety Uniform?

A safety uniform, sometimes also referred to as PPE, is a standardized set of clothing and accessories aimed at protecting employees from hazards while they go about their jobs. Safety clothes include heat-resistant pants and shirts, static-resistant gowns, hazmat suits, and safety shoes. Other protective accessories include dust masks, gloves, hard hats, and welding headgear.

High-quality safety uniforms should do the utmost to protect employees from fires, chemical spills, biological contamination, and cuts, while still allowing them the freedom of movement and comfort to work efficiently. 

The Benefits of Protective Workwear

Beyond keeping employees safe from injury or damage, safety uniforms have a range of benefits for you as an employer too:

  • Reduced worker’s compensation payouts: Covering the costs of a workplace injury, possible lawsuits, and downtime caused by an absent employee can put significant strain on a company’s cash flow. By providing employees with the appropriate uniform, the number of workplace accidents, and the amount of money you spend on worker’s compensation, will be reduced.
  • Better productivity: Employees who feel safe while carrying out their tasks are more likely to do so quickly and efficiently, while also reporting improved employee satisfaction with their role.
  • Boosted reputation: Exceptional companies take the health and safety of their employees seriously. By providing your staff with the appropriate uniforms, you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors and boost your brand reputation as a company that truly cares.
  • Health and safety regulatory compliance: Complying with local regulations on health and safety measures within the workplace by providing staff with the right safety uniforms will minimize your company’s risk of attracting penalties or legal action.

The Elements of Modern Protective Workwear

Workers across various industries require different categories of protective workwear, depending on the risks they face as part of their jobs. The most commonly faced risks according to OSHA include injuries to the eyes and face, falls, and respiratory distress or illness caused by chemical or contaminant inhalation.

While all employees should be furnished with a uniform that keeps them comfortable and protected, certain industries require a little bit more. Examples include:

  • Construction: Hard hats and gloves to prevent cuts
  • Demolition: Hard hats, gloves, and masks to prevent dust or chemical inhalation
  • Electrical: Non-conducting gloves to prevent electrical shocks

Choosing the Right Uniform for Your Company

Prudential for Safety Uniforms

Identifying the most common risks faced by your employees will help you decide what to include in your safety uniforms to maximize their effectiveness. These risks include:

  • Slipping, tripping, or falling: This can be reduced through appropriate footwear and installing safety measures like handrails
  • Loud, constant noise: Reduced by using earplugs
  • Chemical burns: Reduced by including burn-resistant clothing that covers workers’ full arms and legs, as well as gloves and goggles that do the same
  • Cuts and abrasions: Reduced by using gloves and appropriate clothing
  • Contamination by biological agents: Reduced by using gloves, masks, and coveralls

Once you know what to include in your safety uniforms, the next step is to source the best quality, most affordable options available. And that’s where Prudential comes in.

Choose Prudential for Safety Uniforms That Work (and Last)

Prudential Overall Supply has decades of experience in the protective workwear industry. Our varied offering of safety uniform components can help you make your company a safer, better place to work, while also building brand awareness and reputation thanks to our custom branding options.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re looking to revamp your company’s image, Prudential can simplify the process for you while ensuring you only receive the best uniforms possible.

To learn more about how uniforms for work can help you and your employees, contact an expert at Prudential today. Our expert team stands ready to ensure you get the uniforms your company needs most while guiding you to choose options that maximize safety, comfort, and profitability.