Common Dress Code Violations

Whether you’re updating an existing dress code policy or creating a brand new list of appropriate work clothing, there are certain common offenses that you’ll want to make sure you include.

T-Shirts with Graphics

If your company dress code policy allows for employees to wear t-shirts, you’ll want to be very specific about what is and isn’t allowed on them. Obviously, nudity and profanity are not allowed, but you’ll want to take into account other things that commonly appear on graphic shirts and that might be considered offensive by other employees or customers. Political slogans, advertisements, your competition’s name, suggestive cartoons and religiously offensive materials can all be included in your written policy.

Shorts and Sweats

Even if your work clothing policy includes a dress down day or casual Friday, you might not want to see your employees stroll in wearing shorts, sweats or running suits. If your idea of casual is more along the lines of a Polo and pressed jeans, make sure you identify that in your written policy. Also, it is always a good idea to specifically prohibit extremely baggy or torn jeans, shorts, and ripped pants.

Revealing Clothing

As the summer months heat up, it might become necessary to remind your employees that crop tops, short shorts, and skimpy or transparent shirts are not appropriate work clothing. Make sure your dress code policy is up to date and includes a list of unacceptable summer attire.