Your Scrubs – Details Matter

When you work in a hospital or medical office, your work uniform selection is basically chosen for you: scrubs. But, just because you can’t choose what kind of clothing you wear to work, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any say on how to personalize your look. Here are a handful of simple ways to get the scrub look you’re looking for:

Side Slits

Side slits or vents offer a couple of different benefits besides allowing you to switch up your style. Not only are they a bit cooler for summer months or hectic work environments, but they also give you more ease of movement. Side slits can be especially helpful for plus-sized scrubs, or for those who are between sizes.

Colors and Patterns

Perhaps your biggest opportunity for personalizing scrubs is in the color and pattern of your work uniform. Not only does switching up your scrubs give you the opportunity to express your flair, it also lets you switch up your look as often as you’d like. Play with bold colors, seasonal patterns, or mix and matched tops and bottoms.


Another way to jazz up and personalize your scrubs is with the use of embroidery. Whether you put your name, organization’s logo, or just a fun design on your uniform, it’s sure to stand out in the best of ways.

Your Scrubs – Details Matter