Cleanroom Laundry Services: Help Keep Your Cleanrooms Clean

Cleanrooms are vital to different industries, like medical research and development, as well as the biochemical engineering. A cleanroom is just that: a room that provides a clean, controlled environment. Everything and everyone that is brought into the room must work to limit the number of contaminants that enter the facility.

When working in a cleanroom environment, it is important to have the right cleanroom apparel and cleanroom garments to ensure that your clean room environment is not compromised.

There are companies that provide uniform services to clean apparel and garments that come from various businesses. Prudential Overall Supply Company has an incredible reputation, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. People might typically think that Prudential Overall Supply only sells or rents supplies to companies, but they also provide work uniforms, and they have a great selection of cleanroom garments. There are certain clean room garments and clean room products that can be reused, if they are cleaned and sterilized in the right ways.

It is especially important to have a trusted cleaning service when it comes to work uniforms. With clean room garments there are special steps, protocols and procedures that companies must follow in order to ensure that their cleanrooms remain clean, controlled environments.

Prudential Overall Supply Company is a uniform company that can validate the sterilization process of cleanroom garments and other items (like face masks, goggles, and hoods). Prudential Overall Supply provides sterilization reports.
After these items are cleaned according to certain stringent procedures, they gamma irradiated  with a 10-6 SAL (Sterility Assurance Level).