The Importance of Restaurant Staff Uniforms

Employee work uniforms at restaurants can vary wildly from one establishment to the next. Where one eatery may require their servers to wear a formal uniform, and everyone in the kitchen to wear a hat that correlates to their years behind the line, other places may go with simple matching aprons. Or a company polo with nametags and plenty of flare. Still others may choose a casual option somewhere in between.

No matter what your restaurant’s overall look or theme, there are plenty of reasons to stick with employee work uniforms in the food business, including:

Brand Identity

Whether you run a bistro, pub, bar and grille or a fine dining establishment, your employees’ uniforms will be an integral part of your brand identity. Keep this in mind when choosing the work clothing your employees will be wearing. Jeans, matching tees or Polos, and an apron might work fine for a fast food or casual restaurants, while formal places should opt for something a little more, well, formal for servers and other front-of-house employees.

Customer Satisfaction

When asked, diners will almost unanimously say that they feel more at ease eating in a restaurant where grooming and uniform standards are in place. Not only does this make it easier for your customers to quickly identify who is who; it also lets them know you care about customer service and cleanliness.

Employee Motivation

Across the board, employees who wear a work uniform will feel more like part of the team and (often subconsciously) will work harder and more efficiently.