Customer Service: The Prudential Way

There are fewer and fewer companies that are known for their customer service. It seems like, with the growing use of technology, speaking with a real live customer representative is hard to come by, and often that customer representative doesn’t have the answers for which people are looking.  But not all companies operate in this cold and distant way.

Prudential Overall Supply Company works to maintain their customer service and customer relationships. They have prided themselves on their ability to relate to their customers – whether they are a big company or a small company (considering that Prudential started out as a small family business and has grown substantially over the years). Prudential Overall Supply customers seem to only have positive things to say about the company and the customer service representatives that work for them.

Prudential’s business model (the idea that companies should be able to rent or lease work uniforms instead of having to buy them) was a revolutionary idea, which helped to transform the food service industry and the way that companies supply uniforms. This business model was especially attractive to smaller companies, because it meant that they didn’t have to foot the bill immediately in order to make their company and employees uniform in appearance.

Each client that chooses Prudential Overall Supply as their work uniform supplier, or as their overall supply company, is linked with a specific customer service representative. This representative works directly with your business, making sure that all services (like uniform rental laundry service) are fulfilled to your satisfaction.

To this day, Prudential prides itself on its ability to foster great customer relations through its commitment to excellence.