Disposable vs Reusable Cleanroom Garments: Which is Greener?



When choosing an apparel solution for your company, you have a number of options. In order to ensure that you develop GMP standards, it is smart to institute a cleanroom garment program for your staff. Disposable uniforms and reusable cleanroom garments are popular choices, but which is better for the environment? In addition to removing the financial burden from your employees, choosing reusable garments can have a significant positive effect on your company’s environmental footprint.

Reusable workplace garments use fewer natural resources and energy in terms of production and ongoing laundering. Companies that have reusable uniforms for staff reduce carbon dioxide emissions, use less water, and produce less solid waste. Since they are used over and over again, reusable garments require less packaging resources, too. As a result, your organization is responsible for fewer precious resources and energy being used during all stages of the cleanroom coverall life cycle.

Learn more about the benefits of reusable uniforms and see how your company can take your operation to the next level.

Disposable vs Reusable Cleanroom Garments: Which is Greener?

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