Young Entrepreneurs with Successful Businesses

Today, there are more and more young people who are becoming successful while still in their teens and early twenties. Getting a jump start on launching your own business is perfectly acceptable at any age. What makes these young business entrepreneurs different is that they had an idea, and took the time pursue it to develop and grow a successful business model.

Young Entrepreneurs with Successful Businesses

In particular order, here are some of the youngest business owners in the country today:

  • Caine Monroy – This 9 year old launched a business building an arcade out of cardboard, which he runs out of his father’s auto parts store. Part of what makes the business successful is a video that went viral, plus the low cost of tickets.
  • Charlotte Fortin – Charlotte started her business after graduating high school by opening a clothing store for women, offering a wide variety of unique and funky styles, and which caters to 18 to 40 year olds.
  • Catherine Cook – When she was 15, Catherine launched, a website that allows people to incorporate social media around the online version of their yearbook. Today, annual sales are seven figures.
  • Jack Kim – Jack built a search engine called Benelab, which generates revenues from search traffic and donates all proceeds to charities. The nonprofit organization also has a “no adults” rule and is completely run by teenagers.
  • Hart Main – This young man (he’s only 14), launched ManCans, a line of scented candles which caters to men. The scents available include sawdust, bacon, grandpa’s pipe, campfire, and fresh cut grass. The company now also offers SheCans and pie candles. In addition, a portion of the sales goes to help provide meals for those in need.
  • Cameron Johnson – This whiz kid went into business when he was nine years old by making custom invitations for his parents’ holiday parties, which resulted in him starting a card and invitation company. When he was 12, he invested $100 to buy his sister’s Beanie Babies and sold them for ten times more, and even bought the toys directly from the manufacturer to resell, earning around $50,000 in profits in the first year. He also launched an Internet business that generates $3,000 a month from advertising revenues. At age 15, he had multiple businesses, and two of those generate $300,000 and $400,000 in revenues per month.
  • Willow Tufano – This 14 year old girl started her own real estate investment business with the help of her mother, who is a licensed realtor in Florida. Willow initially began by helping people selling their belongings on Craigslist to stage homes, but came up with the idea of buying her own homes and renting them out. She’s already gotten her initial investment back and is planning on eventually buying out her mom’s real estate business.

Whether you are a teen or an adult, launching a successful business is possible with the right idea to fill a need. If you require customized uniforms and apparel to help promote your business, contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536.

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