The Best Restaurant Bathrooms in America

Public restrooms, especially those found in restaurants, can vary from one type of establishment to the next. Some offer privacy with single person facilities, while others offer stalls to accommodate more people. In addition, they can feature a wide array of amenities, from plush sofas and seats to an attendant to turn on the water, give you a hand towel, and open the door as you leave.

The Best Restaurant Bathrooms in America

No matter your preferences, one thing people can all agree upon is that cleanliness in restaurant bathrooms is essential to delivering outstanding customer service. Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your bathrooms requires using the right facility services solutions and restroom cleaning products. Further, bathrooms should be cleaned and inspected frequently during your normal operating hours, typically at least once an hour, to ensure they are kept clean.

Even if you have the best food in town, no one is going to want to visit your business if your bathrooms reek and are dirty. Remember, the cleanliness of your bathrooms also reflects the level of attention and detail you have for other areas of your business. Customers will question if your bathrooms are filthy, how clean is your kitchen?

Some restaurants across America have taken the bathroom experience at their restaurants to a whole new level. Check out these unique restroom concepts and features:

  • Ninja – This NYC Japanese restaurant features servers dresses as ninjas, and bathrooms constructed out of faux stone and bamboo, with toilets imported from Japan that include heated seats and bidets.
  • Castello di Amorsa Winery – The Calistoga, California winery carries its Tuscan theme throughout the establishment, even in their restrooms, with hand painted stall doors, and sinks imported from Italy.
  • Smith and Mills – Another NYC restaurant, this one features a Steampunk themed bathroom with plenty of metal décor.
  • Canlis – When in Seattle, stop by this restaurant to check out their spa-like restrooms, complete with a view of bamboo sunken garden, soft hand towels, fresh flowers, and artwork.
  • Sloan’s Ice Cream Parlor – The next time you are in Palm Beach, Florida, check out this restroom, decked out in pinks, lime greens, flamingos, ice cream and pie decorations, and more. The door even “magically” transforms from clear to opaque after locking the door.
  • Ned Ludd – Locals of Portland, Oregon not only consider the restaurant one of the city’s best, but also its restroom. Step inside, and you will feel like you are in an art gallery set outdoors, complete with branches, logs, flowers, and more.
  • The Ruxbin – This Chicago restaurant’s bathroom uses revolving photo dark room doors as stall doors to provide a more private experience.

While you might not be able to redesign your bathrooms to make them unique and the latest trending “must see” thing in your area, you can at least keep them clean and sanitized to keep your customers happy. For all of your facility and restroom products, as well as restaurant uniforms, contact Prudential Overall Supply today at (800) 767-5536.

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