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Prudential Overall Supply has been helping businesses clothe their employees for over a century. Since then, we’ve become a nationwide leader in uniform rentals and cleanroom services. Now, businesses of all sizes can purchase their apparel outright from our online store, making it even easier than ever to boost employee morale, improve their brand image, and create a cleaner, safer work environment.

Here’s How to Shop Prudential Uniforms:

Find Your Uniform

Whether you run a manufacturing plant or a hospital, a startup tech company or a restaurant, you can Shop Prudential Uniforms to find high-quality work uniforms. From chef’s hats to scrubs, we carry apparel for businesses that operate in a wide variety of industries. Specifically, we cater to businesses in the following sectors:

We also carry apparel from all the leading brands, including:

  • Adidas
  • American Apparel
  • Asics
  • Champion
  • Columbia
  • Dickies
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Nike
  • And so much more

Brand & Personalize Your Uniforms

Want to take your uniforms to the next level? Prudential Overall Supply can customize your uniforms to include:

  • Logos: Show the world who you are by including your brand logos on all your employee’s uniforms. Don’t have a logo? Don’t worry. We can help you create one.
  • Nametags: Help customers identify employees with personalized name tags. Not only do nametags make identification easier, they also let your employees know they’re a valued part of the team, rather than a replaceable cog in a machine.
  • Patches & Embroidery: Create unique designs or place easily identifiable patches on each uniform to reflect your values, your company culture, your certifications, or even your location (e.g., state or American flags).


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The modern business needs more than just uniforms to stay on top of its game. Restaurant workers need everything from aprons to high-quality kitchen knives, and the rest of the working world needs everything from socks and fleece blankets to tablet sleeves and tote bags.

Fortunately, our user-friendly e-commerce site sells so much more than shirts and slacks! At Shop Prudential Uniforms, entrepreneurs, executives, and procurement specialists can find just about everything they need to run a successful business in the 21st Century.


What’s the best part about Shop Prudential Uniforms? Not only do you have a large selection of high-quality uniforms from which to choose, but you also get a volume discount whenever you place a large order with us. Take advantage of our great deals when you purchase through our e-commerce site.

Order the Easy Way

Shop Prudential Uniforms makes ordering easy. Choose the item, size, color, and quantity. You can also add bulk orders to your cart. Once you have everything you need in your shopping cart, head to our secure checkout site, where you can put in your shipping and billing information. With faster turnaround times than ever, you’ll won’t have to wait around forever before you receive your clothes in the mail.

Shop the Right Way: Shop the Prudential Way

What do you get when you Shop Prudential Uniforms? An impressive selection, easy ordering, customized apparel, volume discounts, and faster turnaround times. In short, you get everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Find out how Prudential Overall Supply can make your life easier and your employees happier. Visit Shop Prudential Uniforms today.