Go Green! With Better Textile Solutions

Modern businesses don’t just want to be profitable; they want to be sustainable as well. From refillable pens to green web hosting, there are many ways to ease the burden on Mother Nature.

Here’s another way: Find a green textile company—one that reduces its environmental impact by offering environmentally safe products and eco-friendly laundry services.

Take Prudential Overall Supply. Our industrial-scale laundry facilities not only use less water and less energy than home laundries; they also produce less trash and less wastewater. Finally, we sell reusable napkins and towels to replace the disposable products that fill up our landfills.

How do you know if a uniform rental and laundry service is actually eco-friendly? How do you know their claims are part of a sincere commitment to environmentally friendly practices, rather than a marketing ruse? It’s easy. Look for the Clean Green Certification sticker.

What is Clean Green Certification? What do textile companies have to do to earn it? Take a look at our infographic to find out what Clean Green companies like Prudential Overall Supply do to help our planet stay clean and safe:

Infographic_Go Green - With Better Textile Solutions