Employee Appreciation: Fun Activities to Boost Morale!

As a business owner, you need to be aware of how morale affects your employees’ productivity, work habits, and attendance. When employees have poor morale, they are less supportive of the entire organization. They might come to work late or call out sick. While they are at work, they tend to complete tasks much more slowly, make excuses why they cannot do their jobs, procrastinate, and deliver lackluster output.

On the other hand, employees who have positive morale levels tend to be cheerful, pleasant, outgoing, and, overall, much more productive. They enjoy coming to work and tend to not be late and miss fewer days. They have a sense of satisfaction and strongly believe they are helping to contribute toward the success of the business operation.

So, how do you keep the morale of your employees at higher levels? By showing you appreciate your employees and planning various fun activities and events for them participate in together. In addition, some of these activities are also great ways to build teamwork and skills at the same time.

  1. Supply Employees with Team Attire or Uniforms from a Uniform Leasing Company – Employees will appreciate not having to spend their own money on uniforms or business casual apparel to wear while at work.
  2. Employee Potluck Lunches – On days when employees are going to be stuck in long meetings, or other mundane functions, put a smile on their face with a themed employee lunch! Employees can choose to participate and bring in their favorite themed dishes or have the lunch catered.
Employee Appreciation: Fun Activities to Boost Morale!
  1. Fitness Programs – Healthy employees are happy employees. Work with a local fitness center to offer discount memberships or, if your facility is big enough, install your own workout equipment complete with showers and changing rooms.
  2. Seasonal Decorating Contests – Allow employees to decorate their workspaces to fit the time of the year. Awards could be based on best individual and/or department.
  3. Host Family Days – Schedule “bring your kids” to work days, arrange weekend family picnics, and other such events that allow employees to include their families.
  4. Encourage Employees to Volunteer for Various Charitable Programs – From packaging meals for hungry kids to raising money for a specific cause, not only can these activities help improve morale, but they also allow your employees to get to know each other better.
  5. Start a Bowling League – Bowling can be a great team building exercise and, at the same time, it allows your employees to compete with each other in a friendly game.
  6. Plan Evening or Weekend Dinners – Just about everyone enjoys food. When it is incorporated into a work event where family members can attend, everyone will want to attend.
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These are just a few ideas to help get you started creating fun activities to boost employee morale. For all of your business casual and work uniform attire solutions, contact the experts at Prudential Overall Supply by phoning (800) 767-5536 today.