How to Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste and Cleaning Supplies

The janitorial industry encounters hazardous waste and other by-products common with cleaning supplies. In order to ensure the safe disposal of specific items, it is important to educate employees on the proper handling, use, and disposal methods. The following are some tips and suggestions to help you get started with implementing a disposal plan and training.

How to Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste and Cleaning Supplies
  1. Require employees to wear the proper attire to ensure they are protected. One way to guarantee all of your employees have access to the same uniforms and apparel is with janitorial uniform rental and leasing programs from us, here at Prudential Overall Supply.
  2. Require employees to read and review all disposal instructions on product labels. Manufacturers are required to label harmful, toxic, and potentially dangerous products with warnings, as well as proper disposal methods. For instance, if the product label says “Can cause skin irritation,” then the employee should wear safety gloves to prevent potential injury.
  3. Never throw hazardous waste or potentially dangerous cleaning products in the trash. Tossing these items in to standard or recycling trash receptacles increases the likelihood they could pose risks to others and the environment. Read labels for the recommended disposal methods and, if there is no label, refer to the Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS) provided by your employer.
  4. Never pour hazardous waste or toxic cleaners down water drains, including toilets. In many cities, water treatment facilities reclaim waste water and appropriate it for other purposes, such as watering public parks and green spaces.
  5. Never mix toxic chemicals or cleaning products together. This can result in a chemical reaction resulting in harm to your well-being. For instance, you can accidently create chlorine gas, which is very toxic, by mixing together window cleaner with ammonia and chlorine bleach.
  6. Provide your employees with a list of hazardous products they could encounter or might be using. From lawn and garden products to household cleaners, and more, there are numerous types of potentially hazardous materials they could encounter when cleaning homes and offices.
  7. Switch to more eco-friendly cleaning supplies. There are numerous types of less toxic cleaning products on the market today. Going “green” not only benefits your employees and ensures they are working with safer products, but also can help promote your business as being environmentally conscious and aware.

You can also contact your local department of public works, OSHA, or other government agencies for assistance in obtaining MSDS information, lists of potentially dangerous household waste materials, and more that you can use to educate and train your employees.

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