Occupations That Require High-Visibility Uniforms

Which industries and professions benefit from high-visibility uniforms? High-vis clothing protects your employees and volunteers from accidents, especially in low-light or high-traffic conditions.

This guide to occupations that require high-visibility uniforms can help you decide if the small investment in high-vis safety gear is the right one for your business or organization. While almost any work crew can benefit from being more visible, these occupations are likely to require this important safety equipment.

Construction workers and engineers in the field need to be highly visible to help avoid accidents with heavy equipment or moving vehicles. High-vis vests, pants, and shirts are standard equipment for construction sites.

Roadside workers and maintenance crews face dangers from traffic, and tow truck drivers and first responders need high-visibility uniforms to stay safe on the highway or in emergency situations. There are more occupations listed and information here about how high-vis clothing protects vital workers in maritime, crowd control, and disaster relief organizations.

Prudential Overall Supply (Prudential Uniforms) has a full line of high-visibility clothing and safety gear to keep all of your people safer as they perform their duties. Does your work crew need high-vis clothing? Here’s what you need to know.

High-Visibility Uniform Occupations Infographic
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