Holiday Party Etiquette for the Workplace

The holidays mean a bit of time off of work, but they also offer an opportunity to cultivate different work relationships during holiday parties. This is a time when something as simple as your work attire can lend you insight and help you maintain and create positive relationships. Use some holiday party etiquette to help you stand out in a positive way instead of being the one that sparks post-holiday party gossip.

Dress Appropriately

Holiday Party Etiquette for the Workplace

If there is someone who has attended multiple holiday parties for your place of employment and seems to have a sense of style, it may be a good idea to ask them about holiday party attire. Don’t just grab someone who has been to a few parties because you want to dress appropriately, but because you also want to stand out in a positive way. If all else fails, measure the limits by the work clothing that you normally wear. Avoid things like displays of cleavage, but don’t be afraid to use power colors.

Enter New Territory

It may be a bit nerve wracking to talk to some of the higher ups if you aren’t used to talking to them, but this could also be a time to really shine. Upper management doesn’t always get to know all of the people who work for them, because they have their own tasks to complete. Make sure to say hello, but don’t talk about work. This is a time to celebrate and inject your personality into the scene, but not a time to talk about work.

Bring a Guest

It’s not that people look at you differently if you bring a guest, but it may be that you look at them differently. Having someone at your side can help you feel more confident so that you are more apt to socialize and be yourself. Not only that, but it helps the people who work with you to see you in a different light. All of a sudden, they see you as a person with personal relationships and not just someone who performs specific tasks all day long.

Give Thanks

A word of thanks is never a bad idea, but it can go an especially long way in the workplace. Take the time to thank the people who are throwing the party. Remember that those who are in charge tend to communicate with others at work about negative things, like issues that need to be fixed or things that were done wrong. It’s not that they focus on the negative, but the workplace has problems that need to be solved through the day. By taking the time to thank the party hosts, you offer a positive voice when they are so used to a negative one. This act alone can keep you in the forefront of their minds.

Work party etiquette is mostly about balancing the fine line between what is acceptable at work and ways you can use this as an opportunity for growth at work. Create a positive impression and let your personality come out a bit, but keep things like work attire in mind so that you still stay within an acceptable range of behaviors.

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