Using a commercial towel service offers a variety of benefits for businesses that require regularly cleaned and spotless towels. Professional towel companies eliminate the need for on-site personnel and facilities to handle laundry, allowing your business to use that space and manpower for more relevant purposes. Apart from saving staff several hours a week, commercial towel services provide consistent, high-quality results, ensuring that your towel inventory is always clean and stain-free while offloading the overhead from your business.

If you have an extensive inventory, Prudential Overall Supply can save your business a significant amount of time and money by using specialized equipment. Our services also help conserve valuable resources like water and energy by handling larger loads. Using commercial laundry services is highly convenient in today’s fast-moving world, and by using our unique barcode-based garment tracking system, each item is individually tracked from the pickup, through sorting, washing, drying, pressing, and delivering it back to you. 

You also won’t need to worry about compliance or regulatory standards, as we specialize in quality towel services that adhere to the latest regulatory standards covering all industries.

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Prudential Overall Supply Towel Service Infographic

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