How to Approach Customers Who Don’t Want to Wear a Face Mask

When a face mask is required, it’s to protect customers and employees against COVID-19. But not everyone has accepted new rules and regulations, and some people have taken an aggressive stance against wearing face coverings. Others don’t because of underlying health issues or for religious reasons.

Posting your business’s policies online, at your door, and inside can help communicate that masks must be worn. When a customer refuses, there are steps that can avoid escalating the issue.

First, be calm and professional with the person. Don’t debate the ethics or benefits of mask wearing. In some cases, the person simply forgot their mask at home or in the car. Instead of making them leave and come back, have free masks available on site or offer remote methods of service to minimize direct contact. And when someone won’t comply, you can refuse service to a customer or call security/law enforcement.

Prepare for how to deal with certain situations. Establish procedures, provide training, and designate an employee to communicate with upset customers. Also, stock up on masks to distribute, which you can find at Prudential Overall Supply. We supply approved disposable and reusable wholesale face masks in bulk quantities. Place your order or contact us now for assistance.

How to Approach Customers Who Don’t Want to Wear a Face Mask Infographic
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