4 Warm Uniform Staples to Keep Your Employees Toasty and Professional This Winter

In the work uniform industry, there’s a lot to be considered, but there’s one simple equation that stands out: Warm Employees = Happy Employees. Workers are significantly impacted in cold temperatures, which can make them sluggish, achy, grumpy, and susceptible to injury, especially if they work outside or in an unheated area. Below, we’ll provide examples of warm winter work wear that keeps employees safe and happy.

4 Warm Workwear Options

At Prudential Overall Supply, we have the following types of workwear to protect your employees from the cold:

1. Lined Jackets

Slash pocket jacket

These provide a first-line of defense against cold, so are among the most effective types of employee uniform outerwear. Waterproof jackets are easily placed over the employee’s uniform or standard work clothes.

Our Soft Shell Jacket has a water resistant film insert attached to its 100% poly woven shell. A 100% poly micro-fleece lining is included as well. Featuring a 100% nylon taffeta lining, the Perma-Lined Panel Jacket has two lower inset sash pockets and a utility pocket on the left sleeve.

Other options, such as our Solid Lined Team Jacket and Sash Pocket Jacket, can be branded with your company, logo, and employee name. Workers can thus advertise your company on and off the job.

2. Insulated Vests

workwear vests

A vest provides a lightweight, non-bulky solution for cold-protection. Vests are effective

at keeping your body core warm. When the core starts to cool down, blood flow to extremities is reduced to protect organs. With a vest, your core stays warm and circulation to arms/legs remains uninterrupted. Yet vests are suited for milder temperatures, as well, so workers remain comfortable even as conditions change throughout the day.

Prudential Overall Supply offers Quilted Vests for industrial and automotive workers. A vertical quilted shell down to the waist, hand warmer pockets, and elastic side inserts make these convenient and versatile.

3. Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

HVAC technicians wearing work uniform using digital tablet

Whether your employees work in a factory, steel mill, or auto shop or on a construction site, these warm winter work clothes provide comfort all day. They protect utility workers, plumbers, and HVAC technicians as well. Custom shirts, blazers, and other uniform tops for men and women help make the job easier in colder weather.

We offer a selection of industrial work shirts in different colors. Our inventory includes Mini-Plaid Work Shirts, the oil-resistant OILBLOK Work Shirt, and the Work Wear Shirt with MIMIX™ for unrestricted mobility. We also offer a wrinkle-resistant cotton uniform shirt.

4. Pants with a Wool Blend

young business woman wearing pants

Pants look professional and keep the legs and lower body warm. A wool blend adds the perks of breathability, improving air flow and preventing sweating, and softness that guarantees all-day comfort. The insulating properties of wool reduces the loss of body heat. Wool is also a hypoallergenic material, so it won’t trigger an allergic reaction such as a rash. It is moisture-wicking, flame-resistant, and easy to clean as well.

Prudential Overall Supply stocks a wide range of pants for mechanics, construction workers, hospitality staff, and more. Our products are flexible and have wrinkle-resistant bottoms. We also offer a few washable polyester/wool blend pants.

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