How to Choose the Right Scrubs for Your Body Type

When choosing medical scrubs for your job, you need to make sure they fit correctly and follow all uniform policies. In order to get the right fit, you’ll have to choose according to your body type. This means that one style does not fit all. However, if you want scrubs that are flattering and which do not cause your superiors to raise an eyebrow, you must choose ones that fit well.


Men and women with a V-shaped body have broader shoulders and a skinny waist. Those with this shape are also likely to have a wider chest and smaller hips.

Women: Women’s scrub tops that fit this body shape include mock wrap tops, solid tops, and empire waist tops. Both the mock wrap and empire waist tops cinch above the waist, while fitting well in the chest area. V-neck tops elongate the torso, which is flattering for this body shape. For bottoms, straight leg, flare, cargo, and wide leg pants are acceptable.

Men: If allowed, a polo shirt fits men of this shape very well. Other tops that fit this body type include layered, V-necks, and unisex tops. Polo shirts are the most comfortable option, but not all hospitals allow them. Layered tops are also comfortable and fit within most uniform guidelines, as long as they adhere by color. Pants choices for men are limited, with cargo, fitted, and drawstring being the only options.


Those with a pear shape have a smaller chest and a wider waist and hips. On the other hand, an apple shape includes a wider chest and waist/hips. Both men and women with these body shapes might struggle to find scrubs that appeal to them. Luckily, there are a few styles that work well.

Women: Dark solid colors or bright colors with dark side panels are both very flattering on those with this body shape. Printed tops and tops with embellishments along the neckline also flatter. The most important factor is that the scrub tops fit well, meaning they are not too tight or too loose. For pant styles, stick to darker colors and choose from straight, flare, or wide leg pants.

Men: Men with either a pear or apple shape unfortunately have fewer options. They should consider darker scrub tops and polo shirts. The tops should fit well and be comfortable to wear for 12-hour shifts. Pant styles include drawstring and relaxed fits, preferably in solid, dark colors.


Those with the hourglass shape have a thin waist, but large hips and chest. Generally, many women fall under this category. Flattering tops include fabric that stretches, mock wrap, and empire waist. For pants, straight, wide leg, and flare are acceptable.

When buying scrubs, they have to fit right in order to be comfortable. As a nurse, you will spend at least 8 to 12 hours per shift in these scrubs. This means that you must find a size and cut that fits you well, without discomfort. In addition to the cut, pay attention to the color.

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How to Choose the Right Scrubs for Your Body Type