What Are the Different Types of Work Wear?

If your business has decided to start ordering uniforms for employees, you might wonder what types of uniforms are available to buy. There are many options, including industrial, career, restaurant, food processing, and medical. When choosing, you must consider your industry and the formality of the uniforms you would prefer.


Industrial uniforms usually consist of short and long sleeve work shirts and long pants. The shirts are made of tightly woven material that is durable, but also comfortable. The type of industries ideal for these uniforms include construction sites and factories. Some industrial uniforms include Touchflex technology. It is a fabric that offers comfort and durability over long periods of time and many washes.


Automotive technicians require durable shirts that will hold up to their demanding positions. Most styles are button-up or polo style, and include both short and long sleeves. Other styles available include jackets and coveralls. All styles are durable enough to handle oil and caustic fluid stains. In addition to supplying custom and generic technician shirts, you can find shirts for employees of all the major automobile manufacturers.


Career options include uniforms ideal for offices. These shirts are casual, but still professional and career-minded. Styles include Oxford button-down shirts in short and long sleeves, denim shirts, and polo shirts. Each of these styles can have custom labels added to the shirts. This type of uniform style is comfortable and professional enough to wear to out of the office meetings.


Restaurant uniforms are unique, as there are so many options a company can choose from. Chefs have the option of wearing the official chef coats, or your company can choose a butcher wrap or plain button up. Servers have the option of plain button-up shirts and smock wrap shirts. Two styles of pants are common, including black cook or checked chef pants. In addition, you can order accessories, such as aprons and cooler coats. All fabric is usually durable and resistant to stains and shrinking.

Food Processing

Food processing uniforms require a special cleaning process. Because of this, these uniforms are extremely durable, to hold up to a rigorous cleaning process. Included uniform items are coats, smocks, pants, and long or short sleeve button-up shirts. Another option is a butcher coat that can be customized.


Medical uniforms offer a vast selection. The most common medical uniforms are scrubs. Scrubs come in unisex, men, and women’s styles. Aside from plain scrubs, many companies offer wild prints or customization. Scrubs are not the only medical uniforms available. Other popular options include warm-up jackets, short coats, lab coats, and surgical barrier gowns. Medical uniforms are made of high quality materials that can hold up to stains and many washes, especially from industrial washing machines.

Finding a company that offers a wide range of uniforms is important, especially when a business offers a wide range of job fields. When buying from a uniform service, companies offer a benefit to their workers who do not have to buy their own. Some companies even use a service to launder the uniforms, which is an option for many companies that have clean rooms and other types of industrial services.

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What Are the Different Types of Work Wear?