How to Keep Janitorial Supplies Organized

How well you keep janitorial supplies and closets organized is a reflection of your cleaning service or business. Dirty and unorganized closets can give the impression your cleaning service does not care about cleanliness and quality.

There are advantages to keeping closets neat and tidy by making sure cleaning and work supplies are in their right places. Not only will it prevent you from wasting money on purchasing cleaning supplies you may already have and do not know about, but it also improves workplace safety and increases the productivity of your janitorial staff.

Organizing Janitorial Closets

You should store all of your cleaning supplies and equipment in one closet in a central location. For bigger buildings, it is acceptable to have several closets in key locations, as well as closets on each floor.

Start by removing everything from the closet. As you take supplies and equipment out, make sure they are properly labeled with the name of the cleaning product and relevant safety warnings. Next, install shelving to accommodate all of the cleaning supplies. Then place all of the supplies back into the room on the shelves, keeping them sorted.

Place larger equipment, like mop buckets, trash cans, and cleaning carts, on one side of the closet to keep a walk-way open for easy access. Install hanging pegs on the walls to hang up brooms, mops, and dust pans.

If your employees use the room to change into their janitorial uniforms, consider installing a few lockers. In addition, have a dirty laundry bin available, so your employees can discard dirty uniforms and not have to store them in the lockers with clean uniforms.

How to Keep Janitorial Supplies Organized

Organizing Cleaning Carts

Choose cleaning carts that are big enough to carry all of the supplies and equipment needed. Carts should be able to accommodate cleaning products and equipment, as well as any supplies that need to be restocked, like paper towels, soap, toilet paper, and other commercial restroom supplies. Make sure everything is clearly labeled and kept neat on the carts.

Encourage employees to use antibacterial wipes and wipe down carts periodically throughout the shift, like after cleaning the bathroom or a guest room. Additionally, they should restock carts at the end of their shift before storing them in janitorial closets. This way, you only need to check inventories in the closet to determine what you need to order.

Organizing Cleaning Carriers/Buckets

If you do not use cleaning carts, make sure your employees have a dedicated cleaning carrier or bucket they can place all of their supplies in for easy carrying. At least once a week remove all of the supplies from the carrier or bucket and wash it out to keep it clean.

Disposing of Cleaning Product Containers and Other Items

You should have a policy in place on the correct methods for disposing of cleaning product containers you do not reuse, as well as rubber gloves, old mop heads, and so on. You may want label large disposal containers and place these in janitorial closets if you have room, or, if not, dedicate another closet entirely for disposal purposes.

If your employees work in areas where customers or guests are present, make sure their cleaning carts, carriers, or buckets always look clean and well-organized. In addition, require your employees to wear clean work uniforms so they always look presentable, to ensure they are providing the right image for your business.

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Organizing Cleaning Carriers/Buckets