How to Make Your House Green Friendly

Going green is good for the planet, and can also help your family save money on bills each month. Try the suggestions below to add eco-conscious touches to each room in the home.

In the Kitchen

  • The Refrigerator: This appliance is on 24/7 and uses a large percentage of energy in the home. To cut back on usage, try keeping your fridge on the warmest setting. If your home has more than one refrigerator, be sure to unplug the others when they’re not being used.
  • Saving Sink Water: Install a water-saving attachment to your faucet. Mesh aerators can cut your water flow in half, without affecting overall pressure.
  • While Washing Dishes: If you hand-wash your dishes, try a soapy water bath first to remove residue and “pre-clean.” If you prefer using the dishwasher, try to run full loads only. You can save even more energy by turning the dishwasher off completely when the cycle is finished, letting dishes air-dry.

For Bathrooms
Bathrooms use more water than any other room of the home. The easiest fix is to install a low-flow showerhead: They typically cost around $10 and take seconds to install. To cut back even more, urge family members to limit the length of each shower, or turn the water off while shampooing and shaving.

Americans are flushing as much of 40% of our nation’s drinking water down the toilets daily. To help reduce this statistic, try flushing one time less per day. You can also install a high-efficiency toilet, which typically uses less than two gallons of water per flush. Be sure to check your toilet from time to time for any water-wasting leaks.1

In the Bedroom and Closet

  • Sheets and Bedding: Seek quality fabrics, like Pima or Egyptian cotton, that won’t need to be tossed every few years.
  • Climate Control: Skip heat or air conditioning at night, and try dressing in layers or using fans only when needed.
  • Clothing and Uniforms: If your business implements reusable textiles or uniforms, consider a company that’s committed to going green, such as Prudential Overall Supply. Their efforts remain focused on sustainability through a continuous improvement process that uses eco-friendly and conscious practices.

When Buying Furniture

  • Secondhand Items: Many furniture manufacturing and transportation processes waste far too many of the earth’s natural resources. Avoid contributing to this by checking Craigslist or secondhand stores for gently used furniture.
  • New Furniture: Look for labels stating that an item is made from sustainably sourced wood or recycled materials.

General Tips

  • Solar Paneling: Solar panels are pricey, but often pay for themselves in energy savings.
  • Turn Off the Lights: It sounds simple, but turning off any lights that are not being used can greatly cut back on energy costs.
  • Unplug Electronics: When not in use, completely turn off and unplug electronics throughout the home to avoid “phantom load,” the term given to energy that is consumed even when electronics are off.

Join Prudential Overall Supply on their mission to go green, and use these tips to make your home more energy efficient. For more information about Prudential Overall Supply and our Clean Green Sustainability Movement, call (800) 767-5536.


How to Make Your House Green Friendly