How to Prevent Cleanroom Contamination (Infographic)

Whether you are in the medical, food service, or retail industry, it is crucial that the work environment be safe and clean for your employees and customers. Creating a policy for your cleanroom in order to prevent contamination of sterile materials allows your team to work more efficiently and provide the quality of service your customers and patients expect. Keeping a few helpful tips in mind makes it easier to develop your routine to reach the highest standards.

  • Create procedures for proper hand washing and appropriate clothing in the cleanroom.
  • Minimize contact with sterile work equipment, gathering together only what you’ll need for the job that day.
  • Clean work areas each day, making sure to use proper agents for cleaning.

In addition to these tips, it is a general rule of thumb to keep outside materials from potentially contaminating your cleanroom. This list includes perfume, food and beverages, and candy. In the end, ensuring that your cleanroom is free of contaminants will help your organization provide better service to more customers and patients.

How to Prevent Cleanroom Contamination
Learn about the steps you can take to keep your cleanroom free from contaminants.
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