How Your Dealership and Mechanic Shop Can Go Green

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At Prudential Overall Supply, we are committed to efficiency and environmental sustainability. We also know that consumers across many industries are more likely to work with businesses that are eco-friendly. An environmentally friendly auto dealership or mechanic shop can promote its green policies as a selling point. According to Nieslen, over 80% of global consumers say they feel companies should consider the environment, with millennials most likely to take this into consideration.1

Why Going Green Appeals to Customers

People have many ways of going green in their daily lives. They can also leverage their purchasing power in encouraging businesses to raise awareness and take steps to protect the environment. Automobiles have a long history of association with atmospheric emissions and environmental pollution, while an auto shop is often envisioned as an unclean environment itself.

A green car dealership or mechanic shop not only can appeal to consumers who are vocal in the sustainability movement but debunk some common misconceptions and show customers it cares about the environment, which helps in brand recognition. Green practices reduce waste, which is also appealing. Plus, purchasing green products sometimes yields opportunities to benefit from tax credits and other financial incentives.

Tips for Going Green

technician checks the maintenance of the solar panels on the roof.

These are some environmentally friendly business practices that can help your dealership or shop achieve its sustainability goals:

  • Embrace Recycling: Filters, batteries, tires, engine oil, antifreeze, and scrap metal can be recycled, but your recycling efforts can be as simple as placing recycling bins throughout your dealership, encouraging employees and customers to recycle.
  • Environmentally Friendly Lighting: Try to use natural light whenever possible, whether via larger windows, skylights, or light tubes. Motion sensors help conserve energy by turning lights on only when infrequently used rooms are occupied.
  • Use Recycled Water: If your dealership has a carwash facility, recycling and reusing car wash water can save a great deal of money and lower the price of water locally. Both monthly water and sewer fees can be reduced.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies: Lots of traditional cleaning products use harmful chemicals. Restock janitors’ closets with environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaners that have become more affordable.
  • Native Landscaping: Fill your landscaping with native plants, which can survive on the typical rainfall rates for your area. This means using less water to care for them.
  • Install Solar Panels: Powering your building with sunlight can reduce your electric bill, potentially offsetting installation costs. Federal grants are often available as well. Even a smaller installation for a portion of your business can help save.
  • Low-Water Toilets: Older toilets use more than three gallons per flush. You can reduce that to a third with newer toilets and urinals. Some high-efficiency models use just a half or an eighth of a gallon per flush.
  • Ethical Chemical Disposal: Instead of risking the pollution of local water sources, sell recovered refrigerant gases to EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimers or invest in machines that help reuse coolant or antifreeze. Also consider ethical disposal of brake/parts cleaners, transmission fluid, motor oil, gasoline, grease, and other chemicals.
  • Go Paperless: In addition to recycling and purchasing recycled materials, you can avoid paper entirely with electric hand dryers and by migrating to digital processes to reduce or eliminate paperwork. The result will certainly be a more eco-friendly car dealership.
  • Associate with Eco-Friendly Companies: Recyclers, disposal specialists, and consultants can help your dealership or shop become more eco friendly, but did you know reusable textiles for workwear and green laundering services can also contribute to a more sustainable business?

Work with Prudential Overall Supply

Clean green TRSA Certified

A Clean Green Certified Industrial Laundry Provider, we supply reusable textiles, use water-saving methods, and employ energy-efficient processes and safer laundering chemicals. We are part of the Clean Green Movement, which promotes the reuse, recycling, and use of environmentally sound products. Reusable products help reduce energy consumption and waste volumes while reducing pollution and worker illnesses. Our reusable products are safe and durable and can last from 30 to over 100 washes.

In addition to reducing energy output, participating in the Clean Green Movement reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and saves trees.

Our company provides everything from uniforms to sustainable towels, mops, floor mats, and more to contribute to your green car dealership or auto shop. Browse our product catalog, request a quote, or call 800-767-5536 today.