How to Keep a Cleanroom Free of Contaminants

Have you ever thought about what types of germs, dust, dirt, and other contaminants could get into your cleanroom? Maybe you have found sources of contaminants that have gotten into your cleanroom? To keep your cleanroom free of contaminants, you need to be thinking about these questions and what you can do.

  • Fun Fact: Your employees can be a primary source of contaminants from the items they carry or things they wear on their person. Any clothing, makeup, cologne, body spray, or items that your employees have with them as they enter the cleanroom will introduce contaminants into your cleanroom.

The best solution, of course, is to limit the items your employees can enter the cleanroom with and what they may wear. For instance, some cleanrooms only allow their employees to enter after they have removed all jewelry, showered, and put on clean and sterile undergarments, along with clean and sterile bodysuits.

You also need to educate your employees: If they accidentally leave the cleanroom with any items, they should never bring those items back inside, as they could introduce contaminants into the cleanroom.

To find out what you can do to keep your cleanroom free of contaminants, we encourage you to continue reading the following infographic.

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Keeping Your Cleanroom Contaminant Free Infographic
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