Measuring Guide to Hospitality Uniforms

Proper uniform size is important for employees and your organization. That’s why it’s essential to follow some key steps. Our guide will help you learn how to measure clothing before choosing items from Prudential’s uniform services.

Before You Measure

If it doesn’t fit right, or if it doesn’t look right, the uniform hasn’t been measured right. Before you start measuring, here are some crucial tips:

  • A colleague, or someone with experience, should do the measuring; employees should never measure themselves.
  • The employee should be wearing fitted clothing so the most accurate body measurements can be made.
  • If a body dimension measures in between standard sizes, select one size up so the uniform will fit without being too tight.

How to Measure for a Uniform

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To achieve the most professional appearance, measurements must be taken at various points on the body. Since sizes can vary from style to style or from one supplier to another, these specific measurements must be taken:

  • Neck: Measure from the lowest part of the neck. One or two fingers should be placed between the neck and tape when measuring around to ensure the fit is comfortable.
  • Shoulder width: The best method is to measure from one shoulder point to another across the back, based on where the seam of the wearer’s shirt is.
  • Chest: With the tape just below the arms, measure the fullest part of the chest and across the shoulder blades. Arms should be relaxed and the employee should not hold their breath.
  • Natural Waist: Measure just above the hipbones, with one or two fingers between the tape and waist to ensure a comfortable fit, without the employee sucking their belly in or pushing it out.
  • Hips: With the tape level, measure the fullest point of the hips while the employee is standing upright with their legs close together.
  • Arm length: Measure the arm in its resting position, down the side of the body, from the top of the shoulder seam to the outside of the sleeve.
  • Trouser length: With the employee wearing a pair of trousers, measure the right-hand side of the leg down to the desired base of the garment.
  • Inseam: Measure from the base of the crotch seam, while the wearer is standing with their feet slightly apart, down to the shoe along the inside of the leg.

Why Is Accurate Uniform Sizing Important?

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The most important benefits of measuring for uniforms include:

  • Safety: Baggy pants or loose-fitting clothes can cause a worker to get caught on something or, even worse, trip and get injured on the job.
  • Comfort: The right fit ensures the wearer is comfortable throughout the day, which can improve productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Brand appearance: If your staff wears tight or baggy uniforms, it looks unprofessional. A proper fit boosts personal image and the impression of your brand and business.

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