How to Keep Salons and Spas Germ-Free When They Reopen During COVID-19

To put it lightly, this has not been an easy year for hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, and other artists in the beauty industry. Our team at Prudential Overall Supply has been adding products and services to help our clients in this industry as best we can. In today’s article, we’re sharing 7 recommendations for keeping your space germ-free—for the safety of your clients, your team, and yourself.

Whether your salon or spa is open for business or you’re still awaiting the go-ahead from your state, we hope you find these tips and suggestions helpful.

Sanitation Log

Implementing a sanitation log will ensure that every surface is cleaned and disinfected on a schedule. Ensure that each employee makes an entrance in the log when they’ve finished disinfecting an area of the business.

Disinfection, Not Just Cleaning

Girl From a Salon and Spa Wearing a Face Mask

Keeping your business space clean is important. However, in order for it to be safe for customers and staff to use, it must be disinfected—and true disinfection can only happen when a surface has first been properly cleaned.

Non-Porous Items

Non-porous surfaces are typically made of plastic, metal, glass, or synthetic materials. These surfaces include counters, work stations, floors, and sinks, and they can be cleaned with soap and water, sanitized mops, or chemical cleaners.

Porous Items

A porous material is a soft surface you can clean but not disinfect. Capes, towels, and uniforms are all porous materials. These items should be washed by an industrial laundry company that can generate high heat, sanitizing chemicals and controlled agitation to achieve a sanitized wash process. Drying should occur in an industrial wash process, so proper time and temperature is achieved.

Soft surfaces like covered chairs and your hands can be cleaned with soap and water and chemical cleaners.

The Right Cleaning and Disinfection Tools

In order to ensure the utmost safety, nitrile disposable gloves should be worn whenever cleaning any surface and also used when working on a client, to ensure viruses and other germs are not transferred to the hands. Disposable or reusable face masks or face covers should be worn while cleaning. Once you are open for business, they should be worn by all staff members and offered to each customer who enters your business.

Using Disinfectants

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Any disinfectant you use should be labeled as being fungicidal, viricidal, and bactericidal. It should also be EPA-registered. Ensure that you use disinfecting bleach. Dilute bleach with water only, and never other items, as doing so can cause a lethal gas to develop. Any disinfectant used should remain on surfaces for between two and ten minutes to ensure it’s had sufficient time to kill viruses.

Tools of the Trade

The tools you use should also receive proper cleaning and disinfection. This includes your hands, which should be thoroughly and properly washed after every client. Gloves, towels, and protective face masks should be swapped out for fresh ones, and any reusable implements, pedicure spas, and basins should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

Prudential Overall Supply has been providing spas, salons and barber shops with top-quality cleaning tools, towels, and other sanitation products including hand sanitizer for over eight decades. To order your salon and spa facility products, call 800-767-5536.

7 Tips For Keeping Your Salon and Spa Germ Free