As an owner or manager of a food manufacturing business, food safety, and hygiene should weigh constantly on your mind. Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of food production and processing, hygiene and safety are of paramount importance to ensuring:

  • Consumer health – Food safety standards safeguard public health by preventing illnesses or foodborne diseases due to contamination.
  • Legal compliance – Keeping up with the regulations imposed by regulatory authorities helps you avoid legal penalties, recalls, and fines.
  • Brand reputation – Consumer confidence is crucial to your ability to sell your product. Contamination and recalls can destroy that confidence and, in turn, damage your brand reputation and sales.
  • Supply chain integrity – Ensure the integrity of the entire supply chain from raw materials to transportation and distribution by implementing safe and hygienic food handling and production processes.
  • Preventing cross-contamination – High safety and hygiene standards prevent cross-contamination of allergens, pathogens, and other contaminants that can make a product unsafe for certain consumers.
  • Employee well-being – Hygiene and safety standards protect the health of employees in the industry by creating a safe work environment and minimizing occupational hazards.
  • Reduced costs – The average food recall costs American food manufacturers $10 million, excluding the damage to reputation and consumer confidence. Ensuring your products are safe is one of the best ways to prevent recalls from happening and losing money.

One of the most important aspects of food hygiene and safety is undoubtedly employee uniforms. They protect both employees and the products they are handling, maintaining only the highest hygiene standards for your company.

Read on to learn more about how uniforms can benefit your company and elevate your hygiene and safety standards.

The Impact of Food Processing Uniforms on Food Hygiene and Safety

HACCP Long Sleeve Coat

Food industry uniforms have a powerful effect on food manufacturing safety standards. Beyond instructing employees to wash their hands while handling raw and cooked food, a uniform prevents outside contamination from coming into contact with the products they’re handling. When gloves, hand washing, and practical approaches to hygiene are used, uniforms can also ensure foods do not come into contact with any sort of pathogens, preventing the growth of bacteria or outbreak of damaging illnesses among consumers.

Beyond preventing contamination and keeping the food preparation process hygienic, uniforms also provide employees with a sense of professionalism, encouraging them to adhere to the rules of your food safety management system.

Choosing the Right Food Processing Uniform

Not all food processing uniforms are created equal. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a management system that addresses and ensures food safety through the control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw food and material processing, handling, and production.

As the creators behind the standards for food industry uniforms, the HACCP is highly specific in describing the ideal food processing uniform. Standout features and guidelines include:

  • No pockets are allowed above the waist for any type of food processing uniform. Pocket contents can easily fall out into food. Even after washing, pockets are often a hotbed for bacterial growth. In many cases, having no pockets at all is the better option for processing businesses.
  • No buttons are allowed on the uniform. Buttons can fall off and end up in a food product. They are also breeding grounds for bacteria, as they are difficult to clean thoroughly, making them both a hygiene and choking hazard.
  • Regular cleaning of uniforms is required. Food production uniforms should be made of material that can withstand regular laundering without deterioration. If made from poor-quality material, regular cleaning may loosen fabric or threads, which can then end up in the products the workers handle.
  • Uniforms should fit each employee perfectly. They cannot be oversized or loose, as this can cause food contamination.
  • Uniforms should not be worn outside of the workstation, as this can pick up contaminants that are then transferred to the food the employee handles.
  • Disposable gloves should be used whenever possible to ensure minimal contamination and ensure employees’ hands are always clean. For processes where gloves are not an option, hand washing and sanitizing should be implemented at regular, frequent intervals.

Training Employees to Use Uniforms Properly

Beyond simply providing employees with uniforms, you should prioritize teaching them how to wear and care for these uniforms properly. Should an element of the uniform be damaged or soiled, it needs to be replaced. Uniforms must also be washed regularly using disinfectant detergent.

Employees should also be taught to notice when spills, stains, or messes transfer to their uniforms and how to sanitize these before continuing with their work

Choose Prudential for Your Food Production Business


Prudential Uniforms has decades of expertise in providing uniforms, cleaning products, and equipment to companies in the food production industry. We keep our finger on the pulse, ensuring our uniforms are always compliant with the latest HACCP standards while making an extra effort to go above and beyond these regulations and provide only the best uniform options to our customers.

The stand-out features of our uniforms include:

  • Clean, green, reusable textiles – Our reusable textiles are of the highest quality, making it easy to wash and reuse our uniforms without fraying or damage.
  • High-quality manufacturing – All our uniforms are manufactured with the best-quality material and production practices, ensuring all our uniforms are made to last.
  • Garment replacement – Our quality garment standards are non-negotiable. If any of our uniform pieces fall short of this standard, they will be replaced as soon as possible.

From HACCP coats and smocks to food processing pants, Prudential Overall Supply has all the food industry uniforms your business needs to stay compliant and safe. For more information on how Prudential’s food industry uniforms stand out above the rest, visit our website.