National Account Management: The Ability to Handle Big Business with Attention to Detail

Prudential Overall Supply offers national account management, which means that, whether you have one storefront or if your business reaches across the United States, Prudential can help your business grow. Choosing a company supplier with a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer service can help increase work flow. Prudential helps to keep track of previous orders, tracking supplies to help to make managing a store front easier. Keeping the same look from storefront to storefront has never been easier, with Prudential’s work apparel systems. Prudential can track work uniforms across multiple locations using their ASN, apparel service network.

There are many advantages to Prudential’s ASN, including laundry service, which entails a member of the Prudential team coming to your location (or locations) to pick up soiled uniforms that will be washed, repaired if necessary, and returned — all as a part of the ASN.

The level of communication is unparalleled; it allows for onsite daily or weekly service, depending on the level of supply or uniforms that your company needs to run smoothly. Prudential also offers a 24 hour response time. This means that any questions that you have will always be answered within 24 hours. Having a quick response time when it comes to your business can help things run more efficiently and smoothly.

Prudential also offers a garment tracking system for its work apparel; whether it’s a service industry uniform, or a clean room garment, Prudential ensures that your apparel is tracked and accessible.