Prudential Partnering With Other Business

Prudential helps businesses today, by portraying a specific image to stay within their budget, all while helping to expand a company’s line.

With a transparent business model, you can be sure that the services Prudential provides are an accurate representation of their quality and customer care.

Prudential understands the importance of working together, with great customer service and a great product being their top two priorities. This attitude has helped them earn a Better Business Bureau accreditation. The bureau has given Prudential Overall Supply an A+ rating. Prudential is also part of the Apparel Services Network, and believes in the same values that they do. They provide uniform and textile services to Prudential, and together their partnership helps deliver top-of-the-line product at a competitive price.

Prudential helps provide state-of-the-art laundry facilities, as well as their advanced repair system.

All the services Prudential offers have been clean and green certified by TRSA, a company that strives to recognize leaders in the sustainability and conservation of the environment.

The company is also recognized by the laundry environmental stewardship program, Laundry ESP. This program works to make environmentally friendly practices more cost-effective. Participating companies can tailor the program for their specific business model. The program is based on a set of environmental principles that value certain goals and initiatives, as well as marketing promotions to make all this possible.

In addition to their awareness of the environment, Prudential also works with local, public agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits, helping these companies access professional resources and support. Prudential offers supplies and uniforms for local and city and state governments, as well as public and private education systems and non-profits.