Prudential Uniforms Giving Back to the Community

Prudential Uniforms Giving Back to the Community

There are many different ways to give back to the community, and it’s important that companies focus on not only providing their customers with great service, but also serving the community at large.

One very effective way to serve the community is through the active preservation of the environment. Water is a precious resource, and it is limited, so it is important that we respect water, and this is why Prudential Overall Supply goes above and beyond to make sure that their laundry practices are not only clean and effective for their customers, but also environmentally sound.

Prudential is recognized by several environmental associations, including the Laundry ESP and the TRSA Clean green certification.

In addition, Prudential is conscientious of its impact on its employees. It has been certified by California Grocers Association, which was established in 1898 to protect members of retail businesses and grocery stores.

Prudential is also recognized by the California Restaurant Association, which serves as an advocate for hospitality-based industries on a local and statewide level.

Prudential also does their part to give back. It provides uniforms for the national IPA cooperative, which helps public government agencies, educational systems and nonprofit groups combine their purchasing power.

Making sure that customers are satisfied and happy with their service has been the business model of Prudential since its founding. Their steps to ensure the welfare of the community, the environment, and their employees at large have only helped Prudential grow.