Uniform Rental Trends for the New Year

Textile companies are constantly evolving the way they design work uniforms. Each year the process changes, with different thread styles, new ways of weaving, and new materials being introduced. These changes mean that employees who wear uniforms will be more comfortable in the new uniform styles. In addition to better ways of making uniforms, they also have new colors and thread patterns that debut each year. Gone are the days where there were only a few options.

The changes that these companies make and strive for fall under one of several categories. These categories are designed for comfort as well as for looks.

  1. Many more colors are created each year. At one point in time, navy was a standard uniform color. Over time, many new colors have been added as part of acceptable colors for uniforms. Now, it is common to see almost every color imaginable as part of uniform apparel, especially for shirts. This is in part due to new technologies that create better dyes, and also better cleaning processes, so that the colors stay better and do not fade as much over time. Black and other light colors have become standards as much as navy and khaki, due to the ease of maintaining the uniforms.
  2. Uniforms are much more functional now. Advances in fabric technology and manufacturing have created stronger garments that can stand the test of time and wear and tear. Garments now have many different capabilities. There are fast drying uniforms, ones that wick moisture away from the body, materials that keep you warm when it is really cold, and flame-resistant garments.
  3. Breathable fabrics have become the norm. These fabrics are not heavy and thick like they used to be. This allows workers to stay dry in hot environments, leading to fewer heat-related illnesses and fewer accidents on the jobsite. Not only are regular uniforms breathable, so are thick protective uniforms. This ensures the worker’s safety and allows them to be comfortable at the same time.
  4. The types of visibility fabrics have changed drastically over the years. These garments have to be brightly-colored so that people can easily see them day or night. Because the areas that require these types of fabrics are usually hot or have extreme temperatures, the work uniforms must keep the employees either cool or warm. In addition, these garments are now much more flexible and soft.
  5. The uniforms of today have a tailored fit that makes them appear to be created especially for the employees. There is no one-size fits all anymore. That approach is vastly outdated. With the look and feel being much better, employees are much happier to wear their uniforms proudly. Many apparel providers offer fitting services that will fit the uniforms to employees and which offer a wider range of sizes and fits.

With uniform trends that ensure employees are comfortable and safe on jobsites, it makes employees feel more at ease while working. Working in comfort helps to keep staff motivated, as well as looking their best.

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Uniform Rental Trends for the New Year