Outdoor Cool Weather Workwear

With fall right around the corner, before you know it cool weather will be upon us. For several industries, like construction, landscaping, waste management, security, heating and cooling, cable and satellite, telecommunications, automotive repair, and energy and power, it means workers will be exposed to the colder outdoors for varying periods of time.

Outdoor Cool Weather Workwear

It is important to ensure your employees are kept warm and protected against the elements and cooler temperatures with the proper uniform outerwear and coverings. There is a variety of options, depending upon your needs and type of work being performed, including:

  • Solid Lined Team Jackets
  • Perma-Lined Panel Jackets
  • Twill Action Back Coveralls
  • 100% Cotton Coveralls
  • Slash Pocket Jackets
  • Quilted Vests
  • Shop Coats

Supplying your employees with outdoor workwear enhances your regular uniforms and maintains continuity of your company’s image. For instance, if you are in the HVAC industry, the standard uniform you supply your employees, like shirts with the company name, logo, and employee name, are covered up by jackets. If you allow your employees to wear their own jackets to stay warm, your brand is not being seen by potential customers your employees may encounter throughout their workday, such as when they stop and eat lunch.

By supplying them with a quilted vest and/or lined jacket, you can extend your brand and include your company name, logo, employee name, and other branding on vests and jackets. This way, no matter where your employee goes, as long as they are wearing the jacket or vest you supplied, they will be providing free advertising for your business.

In addition, all employees will have similar outdoor workwear, so it will be much easier to recognize your employees on job sites where there could be contractors and workers from other businesses, as is common for many types of construction projects. Plus, your clients will better recognize your employees whenever they arrive to perform work at the customer’s home or business.

Options for Obtaining Coverings and Outerwear Uniforms

You have several different options available for Prudential Overall Supply for obtaining the outerwear you need your employees:

  • Uniform Leasing Services – Leasing outerwear provides you access to high quality uniforms for your employees, although you or your employees are responsible for laundering. We will monitor and replace worn and torn uniforms, as well as provide services for outfitting new employees and collecting uniforms from terminated employees.
  • Uniform Rental Services – When you do not want to have to worry about the management, administration, and laundering of outerwear and uniforms, renting is a better option. We help you and your employees save time, and offer green and eco-friendly laundering solutions. We also replace torn and worn uniforms, collect unwanted uniforms from terminated employees, and provide uniforms for new employees.
  • Uniform Purchasing Services – You can also purchase outerwear and uniforms directly from our Online Uniform Store, and our preferred customers qualify for volume discounts.

For more information about outdoor cool weather workwear and uniforms for your business, contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 today!

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