The Modern Green Movement in America

In recent decades, the United States has made great strides in protecting our precious eco-system from harmful wastes and pollutants. This has been accomplished in a number of ways, including environmentally-friendly legislation, scientific advancements in technology, and an increase in social awareness initiatives.

The Modern Green Movement in America

What is known as “the modern green movement” dates all the way back to the 1960s, largely due in part to protests sparked among concerned citizens who sought to mitigate the negative effects of industrialization. Issues such as the use of pesticides in agriculture as well as automotive- and factory-related pollutants were at the forefront of these demonstrations.

One of the most infamous cases involves the Cuyahoga River fire in Cleveland, Ohio, which caught on fire in 1969 as a result of excess pollution. As public outrage continued to increase, President Richard Nixon proposed a new branch of government called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970.

Since then, the EPA has worked tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint by improving the quality of our food, water, air, and land. Some of the most notable milestones throughout the history of the modern green movement include:

  • Feed-in tariffs for clean and renewable energy production
  • More sustainable agriculture through the revitalization of organic, local, and plant-based food options
  • Bans on non-biodegradable products such as Styrofoam, and wasteful plastic bottles and bags
  • Construction of advanced public transportation systems / emphasis on commuting alternatives like carpooling and bicycling
  • Stricter regulations surrounding genetically engineered (GE) crops
  • Plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to climate change
  • Invention and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles

Today, more and more companies are also discovering the benefits of incorporating green policies into the workplace. Not only do green initiatives, such as energy-efficiency, protect the environment, it has become one of the leading ways to reduce unnecessary costs related to doing business. One such way Prudential Overall Supply contributes is through the Clean Green Sustainability Movement. As a provider of reusable textiles for industries that require work uniforms, part of our service includes green laundering practices that preserve fresh water while also reducing pollutants and waste extending from disposable products.

Prudential Overall Supply

One of our primary missions is advocating the use of reusable products in lieu of disposables. A recent survey conducted by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) shines a light on some eye-opening statistics that show how businesses can benefit for reusables.

  • 88% of food and beverage service leaders polled say reusable textiles are easier than handling laundering in-house.
  • 79% of healthcare leaders find reusable textile services more convenient.
  • 70% of industrial leaders believe that outsourcing textile services is beneficial for saving time and money.
  • 59% of hospitality leaders say renting textiles helps to decrease unnecessary expenditures.

Prudential Overall Supply is committed to maintaining eco-friendly values through programs and services like reusable textiles and green laundering practices. In addition to conducting ongoing research for developing new and innovative methods that benefit the environment, we also make it our goal to further educate both employees and customers alike on the importance of environmental stewardship. For more information, contact us at (800) 767-5536, or look around our website.

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