Prudential Overall Supply Company – Mission Statement

There are certain industries, like the food and service industries, where a uniform helps define not only a space or a business, but a franchise. Ensuring that employees look their best on the job helps provide a positive business environment. Restaurant rules and regulations require that certain employees are dressed following specific guidelines, depending on their interaction with food and beverage. When preparing or serving food in a business capacity, it is important to ensure that work clothing is clean and organized, and that it adheres to all state laws and regulations.

There are companies that exist to help make all uniform services easy. Prudential Overall Supply company has been setting the standard for quality in the uniform supply industry since it was formed over 80 years ago. They offer a great selection of uniforms that can fit most any work environment. Prudential Overall Supply also offers cleaning services, to ensure that every uniform is washed and ready to wear. Prudential Overall Supply can pick up uniforms that need to be laundered from your place of business, wash them, and return them — pre-packed and organized. In addition to a top selection, they pride themselves on being innovators in the industry.

Prudential Overall Supply company has prided itself on quality service since it first began. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They consistently provide businesses with quality solutions for all of their uniform needs. Prudential Overall Supply company offers work uniforms at competitive prices. Their uniform services have only advanced since they first began producing quality uniforms in 1932.