Prudential Overall Supply: Your One Stop Shop Uniform Store

When it comes to providing uniforms for any business, it can seem like a tricky task. Especially considering that most any business these days requires employees to do multiple things at any store front. Whether they are dealing with customers directly, or fixing vehicles, or doing both, ensuring that your employees look their best helps to foster a goodwill environment between customers and business owners.

Prudential Overall Supply has a variety of different supplies and uniforms to choose from. They offer different colors and sizes in most everything from hospital uniforms, mechanic uniforms, chef uniforms, restaurant uniforms and corporate jackets, as well as all different types of work pants. Work uniforms aren’t just for your employees to look the part; they can also help to foster a sense of responsibility and security between customers and businesses.

Building a relationship between your clientele and your business is what helps businesses to thrive. Prudential Overall Supply understands that more than most any other uniform supplier on the market. When Prudential came on the uniform supply scene over 75 years ago, they helped innovate the way that uniform suppliers did business. Instead of requiring businesses to buy the uniforms right away, which is very costly, Prudential offered uniform rental services, putting the Prudential client and customer first.

To this day, Prudential offers a number of ways to help businesses cut costs while maintaining their professional appearance and attitude. Prudential offers uniform cleaning services, where a Prudential representative will arrive, pick up your uniforms that need to be cleaned, and then return later on with your washed, folded, pressed and repaired (only if necessary) uniforms.