Standing Out in a Sea of Suppliers


Uniforms and Apparel

Uniform companies must provide consistent service and clothing for companies, so that a company’s work uniforms are just that -- uniform. Work apparel can influence the experience of your customer and your employee's work ethic. There are some uniform supply companies that constantly change rates or the types of uniforms that they offer, which means you will have to spend more money and time reorganizing your employees and their work clothes. In addition, some companies are wasteful, to their detriment, when it comes to spending and the environment. And other companies pass these costs along to the customer.

Prudential Overall Supply Company stands out as an excellent environmentally-friendly and customer-oriented uniform and supply company. They’ve been around since 1932, and during that time, have continually made changes to ensure that their company and product are not only up to date on cutting edge technology, but work to ensure that their company provides you with a great experience in the most environmentally-friendly way.

Prudential Overall Supply Company works with customers to ensure that they are happy with their uniforms and that they have all the supplies that they need. Each customer is assigned a specific customer service representative, who acts as a liaison between you and the company, working with you to ensure that all of your supply and uniform needs are fulfilled.

Prudential Overall Supply Company has the experience in the industry and the reputation (they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau) to help make any customer feel confident about doing business with their company.

Standing Out in a Sea of Suppliers