Choosing Scrubs for Your Office’s Employees

Your staff members’ scrubs and work uniforms are a direct reflection of your office, service or practice. From surgery centers and medical offices, to labs and veterinary offices, your teams’ scrubs are essentially your client and customers’ first impression of your practice. As such, you want to put them at ease about you, while simultaneously demonstrating an air of professionalism.

Prints or Solids?

Coordinating work uniforms are fantastic way to do just that. Begin by deciding whether you want to go with a single solid color throughout your office, specialized print, or combination of the two. For example, you may want different colors to differentiate between nurses, scrub techs, and medical assistants. Or perhaps your specialized practice might want pediatric, veterinary, or awareness-ribbon-themed scrubs for some, or all, team members.

Find a Uniform Service

There are dozens of reasons why selecting an experienced uniform service is a good call, when it comes to outfitting your employees. Primary among these is the fact that a uniform service will take the worry of laundry and maintenance out of your hands. Knowing that your employees will always look sharp and professional in well-tailored scrubs should be more than enough incentive to set up work uniform services right away.

Offer Sizing Variety

Remember that no two people are built the same. Sizing can often prove to be a headache, when it comes to dressing a large group in the same uniform. Offering a couple of different styles or shapes to choose from, as well as ensuring that you have sizes to comfortably suit your entire team, is a good way to ensure that everyone feels as good as they look.