The Good, the Bad and the Crazy: Eye Catching Uniforms Around the World

No two employees, employers, or work uniforms are exactly alike. And while slacks, scrubs, tees, and collared shirts are often the norm, when it comes to work day clothing, there are definitely some notable exceptions. Here’s a look at some of the wildest work uniforms on Earth:

Professional Cyclists

If you’re racing bikes for a living, you’re bound to be in tip-top shape. And that’s a good thing, too. Because while those skin tight shorts and fitted jerseys are certainly aerodynamic, they’re not very forgiving.


Sports are the worldwide pastime of choice for athletes and couch potatoes, alike. And refs are paid to keep an eye on the game and defend fairness in an impartial way. Dressed for the job in zebra stripes, referee uniforms are among the most recognizable on the planet.


Whether stationed outside an elite apartment complex, business building or hotel, the suiting and long coats of doormen are an eye-catching ode to old school formality. No one envies the doorman’s ensemble come warm weather months, but everyone looks forward to seeing one holding open an entryway opening.

Swiss Guards

While they do a mighty fine job of protecting the Pope, the uniforms of the Swiss Guard have a surprising resemblance to that of an old fashioned court jester. They may have been the height of renaissance-era fashion, but we’re pretty sure it’s time for an update.