The Importance of Logos for Companies

Logos are an effective marketing tool to help companies build brand identity with their customers. When people see the logo, it brings to mind specific products and services that are synonymous with the company, its image, and the quality of its services and goods. Great logos create a connection with people so that they readily can identify the company name, even without seeing it on a product or in advertising material.

The Importance of Logos for Companies

The evolution of logos can be traced back to the earliest forms of communication and expression before there was a written language. From Egyptian ornate drawings in the pyramids to cave paintings made by Native Americans, these images not only tell stories, but also draw upon symbolic meanings.

Over time, this symbolic imagery evolved where it was used by kings, queens, and other rulers and used to identify uniforms, family crests, and other such factors. It was in the 12th century that logo designs started being adapted by businesses to help distinguish them from their competition. Early logos were simplistic and might have involved a unique signature on products or a basic image.

It was not until the industrial revolution that businesses started to realize and embrace the power logos held. Companies during this time needed more than just a basic mark to set them apart from others. As such, they took the simplistic logos they had been using and incorporated them into a much broader range of visual designs, from using different color schemes to creating unique text fonts.

Since that time logos have continued to change as society and technology have advanced. However, the perception of logos is directly related to how people perceive their underlying meaning. For instance, consider the swastika. Its initial meanings of well-being and good fortune were completely destroyed after the Nazis decided to use it.

In the business world, if a company experiences a major failure or setback, their logos could be perceive negatively by the general public. Any time companies have a setback that places a negative light on their business, it is not uncommon for the business to adapt or create a new logo to inspire positive emotional responses in consumers.

Today, logos can be as simple as an apple with a bite taken out of it or complex 3D digital images. What makes a logo truly successful is the ability of the company to adapt and change the logo design as consumers’ perceptions change. For example, the “swish” design used on Nike shoes in the 1980s no longer relates only to shoes. The popularity of the logo has allowed Nike to use it on a wide range of sports attire, apparel, and other accessories. As a result, the logo now implies fitness, exercise, and sports.

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