Tips on Being a Good Waitress

Waiters and waitresses often rely on customer tips in order to make a living, and their skills can make or break the level of tips received. Waitresses who are looking to increase the amount of tips they take home after each shift must always remember to be polite and conscientious to customers. Also, as a waitress, it pays to keep your physical appearance in check, including hair and uniforms while on the job. Here’s how:

Know the Kitchen
One of the most important factors of being a good waitress is making sure you’re completely familiar with the menu at your place of work. Customers will always have questions about the menu, including the ingredients used in a dish or whether or not substitutions can be made. Heading back to the kitchen each time the customer has a question can slow down both the customer’s meal and the efficiency of the restaurant. Be sure to memorize the menu and understand the way each dish is prepared so you can quickly assist customers who have questions. Customers who feel their needs are being met efficiently are more likely to leave a better tip.

Dress to Impress, but Comfortably
Working in the food and beverage industry often means long hours, so ensure your comfort by planning ahead with clothes and shoes that are appropriate yet meant to withstand all-day work:

  • Shoes: Waitresses are constantly on their feet, walking to each table, and then back and forth to the kitchen for food. Stay comfortable in shoes with plenty of arch support and proper cushioning.
  • Uniforms: Company-issued clothing, such as work shirts or aprons from, helps limit spills and stains that can ruin your personal wardrobe. Uniforms are also a great way to show customers that you’re part of a team, so they know whom to flag with questions.
  • Other Appropriate Clothing: If your cafe or restaurant does not provide company uniforms, shop for breezy separates that are inexpensive enough to justify any spills or stains. Avoid clothing that’s tight and uncomfortable, and, conversely, any items that are loose enough to get trapped or caught on kitchen machines. Also, be sure to limit revealing clothing, as excess skin can be off-putting for some customers.

Double-Check all Orders
Stay focused on each customer as they order so you can ensure their satisfaction through the entire meal. When the kitchen releases their order, double-check each plate to be sure everything matches up. For example, if a customer orders salad dressing on the side, and you deliver a salad dripping with vinaigrette, the blame is on you as the middleman between customer and kitchen. Keep a close eye on every order so you can avoid problems before they escalate.

Flawless Hairstyles for Long Shifts
Some restaurants ask employees to wear a hat or hairnet to prevent loose hairs in food. Even when wearing a hairnet, be sure to keep tresses under control with a sleek ponytail or braided up-do. Keep it simple: you want an easy hairstyle that won’t slow down your morning, yet something that is functional enough to keep hair off your face during a long shift.

Follow the tips above to start improving your waitressing skills today. Better waitressing means increased tips and can even lead to repeat business at your place of employment. For more ideas to increase efficiency at your job, or to find out how wearing the right uniform can make a difference, contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536.

Tips on Being a Good Waitress