The Top Restaurants in the U.S.: What They’re Doing Right

Restaurants like Mario Batali’s Babbo and California’s The French Laundry have won the hearts of customers and critics alike with their unique cuisine, excellent service and breathtaking atmosphere. Despite efforts to make the cut, thousands of restaurants still struggle to reach such a level of quality. What is it about an establishment that takes it from a place with great food to one of the highest-ranked restaurants in the United States?

The Top Restaurants in the U.S.: What They’re Doing Right

A Clean, Welcoming Environment

The first thing customers notice when walking through the doors of a restaurant is the way it looks (and smells). The most successful restaurants acknowledge this and go above and beyond to present their guests with a comfortable, well-kept atmosphere.

In addition to the importance of décor, successful restaurants maintain clean floors, tables, bar countertops, silverware, glassware, plates and fixtures. Nothing ruins a restaurant experience like discovering grime in a glass or a layer of dust on the walls. If your establishment is too large to ask wait staff or other employees to help with cleaning, it may be worthwhile to invest in a professional cleaning team.

A Properly Managed, Sanitary Kitchen

Even beyond the reach of your customers’ eyes, cleanliness is still key. All dining establishments are required to meet state and federal health and safety standards, but it’s also important to ensure your kitchen staff has the best environment in which to work.

A properly-maintained kitchen is one in which all surfaces, cookware and appliances are thoroughly and regularly cleaned. In addition to simply being sanitary and ideal for the chefs, clean tools mean that food can be cooked properly and maintain its flavor without taking on a burnt or otherwise unwanted taste.

If your restaurant is one that leverages an open, visible kitchen as part of its atmosphere, the cleanliness, organization and efficiency of your cooking space is even more important. Make sure that your staff works smoothly together as a team and is capable of cooking to a high standard of quality.

Strong Ambiance and Great Service

Once you’ve made certain your restaurant is well-kept and has a worthy menu, it’s important to make sure that everything from your décor and lighting to your ambient music provide a comfortable atmosphere and coherent design. Combine a fabulous atmosphere with a well-trained, attentive and polite wait staff for the ultimate restaurant experience.

So long as your customers feel at ease, cared for by your wait staff and satisfied by their meal, your restaurant’s profile—as well as its reviews—will continue to grow positively.


Maintaining Cleanliness with Quality Supplies

It’s difficult to keep your restaurant functional and beautiful if you don’t have an affordable, reliable source of cleaning, restroom and industrial supplies. provides restaurants and other businesses with a variety of products, including restaurant napkins, mats, restroom products, mops and dust control supplies.

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