When looking for work uniform services, you will encounter two services: uniform rental and uniform leasing. While some people use these two terms interchangeably, there are some differences between the two services. Understanding the difference between uniform rental and leasing services will help you determine which options are best for your business.

Differences Between Rental and Leasing

Uniform Rental Service

Uniform rental service is a full-service rental program that provides you with uniforms, accessories, and complete management, administration, and program maintenance by the uniform supplier. The vendor also takes care of laundering the uniforms.

Uniform Leasing Service

Uniform leasing service is where the vendor will provide the uniforms, but the customer or their employees are responsible for laundering them. The vendor also provides complete program management, administration, and maintenance.

Benefits of Rental Uniform Service

Worker giving to client clean clothes hanging on hangers at dry cleaning company

  • You are advised on the proper fabric, color, style, and type of uniform best suited for the various positions and jobs your employees perform.
  • Each employee is measured and fitted for a set of uniforms.
  • You can choose to have your company logo and name put on shirts, jackets, blouses, and the employees’ names on the uniform shirt.
  • Soiled uniforms are picked up the same day each week and inspected for damage.
  • Clean uniforms are delivered on the same day soiled uniforms are picked up.
  • A customer sales representative is available to measure new employees or remeasure existing employees who have gained or lost weight to ensure they always have proper-fitting uniforms.
  • When the uniforms are cleaned, each one is inspected in detail, and any repairs are made.
  • If the uniforms have worn out through normal use, they are replaced at no additional cost.
  • The vendor maintains inventory control for each of your employees, so you always know how many uniforms each employee has been assigned.
  • All of these benefits are provided upfront with no initial investment on your part.

Benefits of Leasing Uniform Service

With a leasing uniform service, you get all the same benefits you do with a rental service, with the following exceptions:

  • Uniforms are not picked up weekly for laundering. Instead, it is up to you or your employees to perform this task.
  • Once a week, the vendor stops by to pick up any uniforms that are damaged, missing buttons, or have worn out through normal wear and tear.
  • The following week they return with the repaired uniforms or replacement uniforms for no additional cost.

Considerations for Your Uniform Needs

Both work uniform services can provide the uniforms you need with no upfront costs. The main difference is whether the vendor launders the uniforms or your employees do.

To help you decide, ask yourself the following:

  • Do all your employees work in the same location?
  • Are all your employees responsible enough to launder the uniforms correctly?
  • How much do you have budgeted for a uniform service?

These are just a few considerations to help get you started. The best way to determine whether uniform rental or leasing is right for you is with a free uniform and apparel needs assessment from Prudential Overall Supply. Request your assessment online or contact us at 800-767-5536 today.