What Is Corporate Environmentalism?

Corporate environmentalism is where businesses of all sizes implement various initiatives that are considered eco-friendly and green. These processes could include promoting recycling, reusing waste materials, creating green spaces around the office, making building improvements utilizing eco-friendly and green materials, and so on.

In more recent years, as awareness about climate change and the impacts are starting to be taken seriously, many businesses are reviewing their day-to-day operations, buildings, manufacturing processes, etc. to discover various areas where improvements are needed to improve their environmentalism.

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Corporate environmentalism can also refer to a business’s activities in the local community, from planting trees to picking up trash along the highway. By participating in local community environmental activities, it shows people the business cares about the community.

What Does Corporate Environmentalism Mean for a Business?

Corporate environmentalism can mean different things for different businesses. It will largely depend on the industry and market segment the business operates. For example, a fast-food restaurant will have different corporate environmentalism goals than, say, lawn and landscaping service businesses.

Some corporate environmentalism activities a fast food restaurant could focus on include:

  • Upgrading refrigerators and freezers to models that use green refrigerants.
  • Upgrading all lighting to LED lights.
  • Installing solar panels on the roof of the restaurant.
  • Upgrading to a tankless water heater.
  • Using recyclable food containers made from paper.
  • Switching from plastic straws to paper straws.
  • Actively sorting trash and waste into recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • Using reusable corporate uniforms.

Some corporate environmentalism activities a lawn and landscaping service could focus on are:

  • Upgrading to electric-powered lawn mowers and landscaping equipment.
  • Starting a composting pile for leaves, grass, and other natural debris.
  • Limiting the use of gas-powered equipment.
  • Upgrading vehicles to hybrid, electric, or ones that get high fuel efficiencies.
  • Implementing a reusable uniform program with help from a corporate uniform supplier.

How Does Corporate Environmentalism Benefit the Environment?

When businesses of all sizes take an active approach to corporate environmentalism, it benefits the environment in various ways. For example, when Apple started powering all its California operations with solar power, it was no longer using energy created from non-renewable energy sources. Additionally, this switch also drastically reduced Apple’s carbon footprint.

Here at Prudential Overall Supply, our Clean Green Sustainability Movement has helped conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Furthermore, our Clean Green Sustainability Movement benefits other businesses of all sizes when they rent or lease corporate uniforms and other reusable products from us.

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How Does a Business Go About Including Green Initiatives in Their Operations?

The first step is to determine what areas of the business could be made greener. One of the easiest and quickest ones to implement is a uniform program with our help. The next thing you can do is upgrade your lighting to LED lights and put the lights on motion sensors.

The next step is to review specific day-to-day operations and ask the following questions:

  • How are your products packaged?
  • Could you switch to recyclable packaging?
  • Can you discontinue using plastic shopping bags and encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags?
  • Could you reduce how much you print and copy and use electronic formats instead?
  • Are there any types of equipment that could be upgraded to more energy-efficient models?
  • Can you upgrade sink faucets, toilets, and other fixtures to water-conserving models?

Don’t stop there. Always ask yourself what other areas of your business could be made greener.

To learn more about our Clean Green Sustainability Movement and how it can benefit your business and our work and corporate uniforms for women and men rental and lease programs, please feel free to contact Prudential Overall Supply at 800-767-5536 today!