Restaurant uniforms aren’t required by any law or regulation. However, they are better for your restaurant’s atmosphere and brand, while promoting safety, cleanliness, and professionalism. Many well-known establishments use fast food restaurant uniforms, but it’s important to not confuse a uniform with a dress code, which just provides employees with a general idea of what to wear. Uniforms are generally ordered by piece or in bulk from a distributor and paid for by the employer (or deducted from paychecks).

When choosing a restaurant uniform for your fast food workers, it’s important to consider the work environment. If the environment is often hot, cotton is more breathable. If it’s a damp environment, use polyester that can whisk away water. The tasks performed, safety factors such as working near gas fire stoves and other heat sources, and health requirements (headgear may be required for food handlers) must also be considered. Also, brand color, theme, and other stylistic elements can create cohesiveness among your staff.

Uniform Ideas by Type of Worker

Restaurant chef uniforms

The individual’s role on the job can determine the best uniform to wear. Here are a few examples:

  • Cooks/Chefs: A cook or chef will wear a chef coat, chef pants, cooking shirts, and aprons to protect themselves from spills, splashes, and hot objects. A white chef coat is common while a cook may wear cargo, baggy, utility, or performance pants depending on their job.
  • Servers: Restaurant server uniforms must look clean and stylish while being comfortable enough for a server to perform their duties. A bib apron may suit a casual work environment, while vests and coats are seen in higher-end establishments.
  • Managers: A restaurant manager’s attire may consist of business formal or business casual wear. After all, managers don’t usually handle food prep and cooking, but have many responsibilities that pertain to running a restaurant efficiently and profitably.
  • Maintenance Staff: Dishwashing and maintenance workers require durable, protective uniforms that can tolerate water and use around machinery and equipment. Many maintenance workers prefer coveralls that protect underlying garments from water, grease, dirt, etc.


In addition to employee role, the work environment has much to do with the type of restaurant staff uniform you choose. For example, a pizza shop is a hot environment where staff may share various duties; breathable materials like cotton are ideal. Breathable fabrics are suited for delis as well, where the temperature can vary significantly.

For cafes and coffee shops, long sleeves and thick aprons can protect against burns, while non-slip shoes are needed for walking on slippery floors. Loose-fitting clothing is best for a fast food restaurant because it’s easier to move around in. If your restaurant is super casual, display your logo and colors on a pair of jeans or khakis, and use t-shirts with specific messages in back to present a friendlier vibe. Restaurant uniform ideas can be obtained from similar types of businesses in your segment as well.

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