Many people write off dust as a fact of life, but the truth is it’s an air pollutant that can be harmful if not properly managed. Dust control is important in any environment. Construction, agricultural, waste and recycling, mining, and glass reprocessing businesses see a lot of dust, but no matter where you are and the type of business you have, dust is always present.

Common Sources of Dust

Excessive dust not only impacts the cleanliness and appeal of your business. It can affect occupants of nearby homes, pollute parks, and disrupt plants and entire ecosystems. Dust can also lead to sedimentation in rivers and lakes (killing aquatic animals) and reduce visibility. It may harbor bacteria, mites, and mold, so it has a significant impact on indoor air quality. The most common sources of dust include:

  1. People
  2. Lack of maintenance
  3. Structural demolition
  4. Excavating, handling, and moving materials
  5. Vehicle movement and exhaust
  6. Drilling and blasting
  7. Soil tilling, plowing, and other agricultural activities
  8. Smoke and other airborne particulates
  9. Soil, pollen, and other outdoor sources
  10. Combustion sources

Why Dust Removal Is So Important

Performance dust mops and quick clamp handles

It’s important to know how to keep dust at bay because it can do substantial harm. Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues, among various health problems, can be triggered or worsened by dust. Dust can harm the environment and violate environmental regulations. If you fail to eliminate or reduce it, your business may incur higher clean-up costs, pay legal fees and fines, or potentially face criminal charges. When dust impacts employees’ health, lost work time and absenteeism can be a problem.

Below, we will look at dust control methods that can be implemented at any business.

  1. Dust and Vacuum Regularly

The best method of keeping dust down is to prevent it from building up. Your workplace should be dusted and vacuumed every day, leaving behind no or as little dust as possible. Workers can then expect to return to a dust-free environment the next day.

  1. Replace Filters

HVAC filters constantly remove particles from the air. When they get clogged, filters becoming dustier, check whether a filter is dirty or clogged and replace it. Filters in heavily used areas should be checked every week; homeowners should change HVAC filters once every two or three months.

  1. Floor Mats

One of the simplest dust control solutions, floor mats can add to the decor of your facility as well. A lot of dust comes from outside, and much of it is tracked in on people’s shoes. Mats are made of a material that helps contain the dust. Just shake the mat or beat it to remove the buildup at the end of the day. Vacuuming mats daily prevents the dust from blowing around inside. Don’t let the mat get covered in dirt; it won’t help at all with dust control and just contribute to the problem.

  1. Microfiber Cloths

These contain tiny synthetic fibers that are highly effective at trapping dust particles. Cotton rather pushes dirt around. At about 100 times thinner than a human hair, microfiber cloths retain particles and are extremely absorbent. They also last longer than cotton linens. Microfiber cloths and towels can be stored or carried anywhere so you have a dust suppression solution available at all times.

  1. Microfiber Mops

A regular mop can help keep your facility clean, but it can also make things messier. A microfiber mop is very efficient. It’s one of the best dust control solutions for any industry, as it avoids cross-contamination and reduces the amount of water or chemicals needed during cleaning. Microfiber mops can also hold many times their weight in water, further boosting their cleaning ability.

  1. Sanitizers

Humans are a major source of dust. This is one more reason everyone should follow proper sanitization procedures. You can install touch-free, motion-activated hand-cleaning stations in restrooms, hallways, and other public areas. By limiting the need to touch multiple surfaces, you can reduce the spread of dirt and germs. Motion-activated faucets, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers also contribute to a more sanitary facility.

  1. Air Fresheners

Fresh air is dust-free and has no unpleasant odors. Some air-freshening machines use built-in filters to help with dust control. An air freshener with a dispenser gives you more control over how and when the system is used. User-operated odor control systems similarly provide a means to manage air quality, so your business can maintain a reputation for being fresh and clean.

Specialized Products from Prudential

Cleaning door knob with alcohol spray for Covid-19 Coronavirus prevention

If you’re often wondering how to control indoor dust and dander, Prudential Overall Supply provides effective dust control solutions for every industry. Our extensive product line includes:

  1. Microfiber Solutions: Our microfiber towels have small, angled fibers that attract dirt and won’t scratch surfaces. Wet and dry mops for different types of surfaces are also available. Our mop systems include pads, frames, and handles, as well as charging buckets to provide complete solutions.
  1. Mats: We offer numerous styles of mats to control dirt and dust as well as complement your decor. These include scraper mats, convertible flooring, and welcome, safety, flow-thru, and anti-fatigue mats.
  1. Microfiber Duster System: This is a high-reach solution that includes a cleaning pad, duster frame with flexible cleaning head, and expansion handle. Dust can collect in hard-to-reach places. Just because you can’t easily get there, dust will still settle, so you don’t want neglect even the smallest out-of-the-way areas.
  1. Towels: Towels are effective for dust control. In addition to dish, bath, bar, and glass towels, we offer machinist’s towels, grill pads, shop towels, and fender/seat covers, not to mention our range of microfiber towels and bath towel solutions for animals, which are other sources of dust.
  1. Dust Control Assessment: Leave your information with us and describe your company, tell us where it needs the most protection, and answer key questions so we can assess your dust control needs. You can also select the types of dust control solutions you have in place and what is required to improve conditions at your business or facility.

Order Dust Control Solutions from Prudential Overall Supply

We offer dust control solutions for every industry plus various cleaning products, laundering services, and uniforms and apparel. Our company began as a uniform supply business in 1932. Committed to hazard-free, environmentally safe work practices, we strive to protect our own employees and your facility and personnel. Industries we serve include automotive, food service, food processing, and healthcare, as well as any facility with cleanroom facilities.

One thing’s for sure: Every business requires dust control. Fortunately, Prudential Overall Supply has solutions available right now for you to purchase and start using immediately. Feel free to request your quote now or call us at 800-767-5536 for more information.